Friday, April 11, 2008

More things I know about being blessed...

As I sit here and read back on some of my blogs, a question entered my mind.Have I really said what blessings come from the life I lived and continue to live. Life has been hard at times but never bad. There is a huge difference. The gifts given me as I became my brothers eyes were and still are irreplaceable.I learned to really slow down and look at the beauty of God's hands. I was blessed with the gift to see colors and features and be able to transfer them to paper. Yes... my first two novels were hand written as this wonderful gift from Bill Gates wasn't really available when they were written. {smiles} I can look at a house or branch or tree and see a story waiting to be written. I can tell you what a color really looks like or cause you to feel the words I have written. Dan gave me the gift of understanding what a true blessing having sight was. I learned to appreciate everything I saw and pass it on to whomever would listen or needed to hear it.
The time I spent as a child, my father half scared to answer the door... he was never who might be at the door. What challenge the kid at the door was going to have. Deaf, blind, mentally challenged, crippled. They all came to my door because they knew that they were accepted exactly the way they were, by me and my family. The gifts they brought to me were compassion and the learning that Pity was not going to ever be a word in my vocabulary. They taught me endurance and to accept life as it came and do the best you could always. They showed me that you could be a winner no matter what life handed you. THAT IS still a huge blessing and has maybe kept me here on Earth a time or two.
The greatest gift came in the form of a love that was and still is beautiful. She was my Angel on earth before she became my Angel in heaven. She taught me that love had no boundaries and that unconditional love was exactly that. Every time I lifted her to move her, each time I layed her in bed and turned her until she was comfortable enough to sleep, she blessed me. She loved me long after I lost connection with the real world. She trusted me enough to never fear i would hurt her when I lifted her and loved me enough to forgive when I did. And yes, i dropped her a couple of times. Actually I know the exact amount of times but it is irrelevant here. When she woke from her comas after 60 days and 30 days, she looked around to see me and I was there. Her smile was a blessing and gave me reason to always and forever love her with my heart and soul. She taught me that quitting was Not ever an option and that has for certain kept me here on earth times I wanted NOT to be.
All of these blessings I have kept with me and utilized them to give back to others and bless those around me while being blessed back. My writing and my novels all reflect the gifts I have been given and I know they will carry me through every low that comes to me. I am thankful for every thing that has come to my life. Grateful that God trusted my heart enough to allow them to be a part of my life. I only pray that he forgives me for the hurt and tears I have also caused those that loved me so much. I pray each night that Sheila knows and always knew that when I hurt her heart, I never ever meant to do so. I simply lost my way...

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