Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What will make my site a better, more profitable site?

I was asked a question a few days ago that I have not truly been able to answer yet. The questioned was posed by a company I had requested to advertise on my blog-site. Their question was this. "I noticed that your EPC is rather low. I was wondering your plans for promoting our program and maybe if you could comment on why your EPC is so low." Earnings Per Click is what a blog site can make when viewers come to see your site and find things of interest to buy. they click on the advert and you get paid X amount of dollars for each click.
I thought hard about this question and could not give them a good reason why my earnings were so low. The content of ones blog I believe has at least 1/2 an impact on this number. Drawing readers in and giving to them something that will keep them coming back is All important. Sometimes finding that interest is difficult. Keeping in mind that there are over 1 million blog sites out there in Cyber-space, that leaves you like A star in a very huge Galaxy. In that context, the North Star shines bright and therefore it grabs the attention of a star gazer first. Then you have the big dipper, the little dipper, the constellations, the milky way, the... well as you can see, the list is forever as are bloggers. But each one I mentioned has a niche. It has it's own little something that makes it stand out, even with the North Star shining so brightly.
You have bloggers and website owners and you have sites popping up all over the place. Sort of like stars in the sky. And you have Google and Yahoo, sort of like the moon and north star. A blogger needs to find a way to shine brightly, even with those giants out there. They aren't going any place soon so you have to make it with the knowledge that there is a lot of competition out there.
Being a published writer, I remember the rejection letters that came prior to my being twice published. The big dogs, the Steven Kings and Koontz's were already there and not going anywhere. I had to meld into the crowd and write my own way. And write, I have done. Confident and strong. Then, the question comes back to mind. Why IS my EPC so low? And still, I have no answer. I write with passion, I am openly Bipolar and blog strongly on that subject. I am not shy with words and... I am an excellent writer. So then, I ask you, my readers... what can be done to change those numbers? What can I add to my site or take away from site that is going to enhance it and cause it to be more desirable? What secrets are out there, waiting to be discovered that will bring the traffic as well as the EPC's?
As I have stated, I am NOT ever shy to reach out for some guidance. As my teacher and your teacher taught us, though I question it at times, "the only stupid question is the one not asked." SOOOOOO, I am asking. As there are the afore mentioned 1 million writers and bloggers out there in Cyber-world, then somewhere in that mix of brilliance and talent and experience, someone Must have an answer or three for me. Something I can take back to the gentleman, still waiting for a reason, an answer from me. Be it new advertising, new content or just New, I am open to hear it all.
And this, by the way, is how you Blog. ;)
Sincerely, me...

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