Saturday, April 11, 2009

Into the Flames part 4

Abby waved her hand and the flames suddenly were gone. Ian and Sylvia looked around the room. The furniture was as it had been before the flames. They stared at each other for a moment and then hugged each other. Ian drew away from her and rubbed his chest. His now unbuttoned shirt revealed a large red mark on his chest. Abby looked at it and then frowned.
"I am sorry, Ian. That is one thing I can not remove. Where Jeffrey touched you will remain forever, I am afraid. A touch from the other side, if you will. The pain however will eventually pass."
"You wouldn't want to explain what just happened to us would you? And while you are at it, answer my first question!"
"Ian, Jeffrey blames you for what happened to his daughters because you came to Sylvia while she was writing the novel she put away. Let me explain this first. No one truly knows what all happens when we leave this world. Some I suppose go directly to their home in the after-life and some... well, some wander for various reasons. Maybe they were bad and are trying to atone for their wrong doings. Maybe they had unfinished business that was so strong when they left that they were allowed to stay for awhile. The "air-waves" that spirits move through is mostly unknown but we do know they exist and we know that spirits have been seen walking the earth since time began."
"All of this matters to me, why?"
"Patience Ian. Let her finish, please."
Ian placed his arm around Sylvia and turned back towards Abby.
"I am known as a Seer. Some call us psychic, others call us fortune tellers... some even refer to us as prophets of the modern day. We are gifted in the way of seeing things ahead of time and a few of us can even speak to spirits after they have left this world."
"Me!!! I am one of those! I swear I have always had that ability and to feel others and their pain."
Abby looked at Sylvia. Her eyes focused on her as if she were trying to see inside of her. She took Sylvia's hand in hers.
"Dear one, you are far more than that. Much more than you ever knew or could have imagined. You are one of maybe 1000 known people that can draw spirits into this world. Summon them up and give them a type of re-birth. When you write, the characters in your novels take on life. we, a group of people, watch for these things and follow writers that do this. Your success is because of just that gift. Your readers feel the reality of your characters because, simply put, they are real. You didn't know that but we did. These people from your books seek out people like myself to try and find their way back to where ever it is you took them from."
"Dear God, I never knew. I would never have written a single book if I had known." Tears flowed from her eyes as she spoke.
"Of course you didn't know, dear. None of you ever do. Once you do discover this, most cease writing. Some use it to try and create their own little world. Those people are in "Happy Hollow Home for the Mentally Deranged." As I said, we follow leads or requests and we track down the writers. Then we try to right the wrong as best we can. IT doesn't always work and so we are left with "ghosts" that wander houses and buildings, some not so friendly and not too happy to be still here."
"Can't you send them back to where they were?"
"If our method fails, Ian, we turned them over to those gifted in exorcisms and such. At" that point, they are no longer our concern."
"And me??? Where do I fit into all of this!?!? That "ghost isn't happy and he wants to kill me!"
"Oh, I wish he did, Ian. You came along and Sylvia fell in love with you. She quit writing for a year and when she came back, Jeffrey and his daughters were placed on a shelf. How long time is for the wanderers we don't know. To him it has been 79 years because of the date you used in the novel, Sylvia. Only 5 years for us, but eternity for poor Jeffrey. That is why he is after you, Ian. You caused Sylvia to stop his life. He watches those little girls die over and over. So understand, He does NOT want to kill you... he wants you to suffer for eternity."
"Great! So now what? How do we talk Mr.Nasty-Flame into not burning a whole in my chest for an eternity!?"
"He is terribly angry and is fighting us. He won't listen to reasoning. We have to find a way to calm him long enough to fix this."
"What do I need to do, Abby? Do I rewrite the book, finish it... tell me how I make this right?"
"First off, you need to sit down and wr..."
Suddenly, the house was filled with flames again. Sylvia and Ian began screaming as if they were burning. Ian's chest burned and he fell to the ground again. Sylvia fell to the floor and held him again. With a loud roar, Jeffrey came through the door again. The anger in his face seemed even fiercer than before. He turned and pointed at Abby, who was burning this time also.
"Do not try send me away again, Abby, or you will suffer the same way as the other two! I will have my revenge and these two and HE will Rue the day he met this woman! Just try and stop me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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