Thursday, September 18, 2008

things i know about medical and Life Insurance...

Today I am going to write a bit about something way to close and very important.Being on disability and having only Medicare, I understand the need for some sort of medical Insurance to help cover costs of the ever rising cost of Medical treatment. I also watched over the 24 years that Sheila was so sick as million dollar policies were used up and the need for supplement Insurance, not cheap by the way, became a huge issue. We had to get loans from banking companies and loan offices that often cost us very high interest rates. these were to pay off hospitals that had already made 100's of thousands of dollars from Sheila's policy. When the policies ran dry finally and she was uninsurable, then the state began to help her. She took so many pills and the coverage for the pills was frightening. We had to pick up a supplement insurance policy to help cover the cost of her medical supplies. the policy was very expensive but it was a "had to have" for her. The aide we have to help with medicines is poor. There are people that go without and place their lives in great danger because the simply can Not afford the cost of their meds. This should never ever be an issue.
Let's talk about life insurance. A very touchy subject for me and I am sure so many others. I have sent in for life insurance on more times than I care to say. Sheila wanted to get some but she was always told she was uninsurable. When she went to heaven, my daughters and I were hard fast to find a funeral home that would understand our situation. It added a bit of stress to us and though we made it through, it made me think about when the time comes that I am called to heaven. I filled out several of the "you can not be turned down" policy applications and GUESS WHAT!!??? YOU CAN be turned down. I wonder how it is that a person is to try and leave their loved ones in a way that they do not have to come up with moneys they may not have to properly bury you or cremate, whatever is your choice. Insurance company's make millions, probably billions from their clients. I guess I don't really understand them.
I just think that someone needs to come up with a REAL plan for those of us that are "Uninsurable." There has to be a way that someone like me to be sure their families are taken care of when they lose a loved one. Just blowing off steam and talking out loud...

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