Saturday, May 31, 2008

Things i know about Forever Love...

Forever Love. It's a song, a statement, a dream and something that DOES exist. Funny thing, I went to Google and looked for a definition to the phrase. I found nothing. Maybe because there really isn't a single definition of the phrase. I did manage to find a story written about forever love It is beautiful and I do hope you take the time to read it. So what Do I know about forever Love? What prompted this write tonight?
Tomorrow we will gather together as a family to celebrate my parents 55th anniversary. Now I know that isn't yet forever but to some it might seem that way. I watch my parents and see them still hold hands at the table. I watch them interact with each other and see the way they know one an others thoughts. They have been with one another long enough to move as one. Does forever love mean without a glitch ever? No... It means that they weathered the storms and held tight to the love they have always known.They walked through fires and came out with a deeper love. They showed us, their children what it was to love forever. I know 55 isn't really forever but I know that when one of them goes to heaven, the others forever will be waiting until they are together again. I am blessed to be watching them celebrate so many years together and still be in love.
How do i know so much about forever love? Because My Forever Love left too soon. She went to heaven when we had only 25 years together. And we too weathered things that some would have said "No thanks" too. And we remained In Love and so my forever love will carry me through until she and I see each other again.
Celebrate with me 55 years of Forever Love with my parents.I think that many years and still holding hands is worthy of a Blog. Always, Darrel

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