Monday, March 9, 2009

When White meets Black... Chapter 4

"Let me guess, Mark... meet Joshua right?!?!"
"He can't get into the car with us, Ryan!! Something is keeping him out of here!"
"It looks to me like he isn't having any trouble messing you up!"
"No, don't go by this. He is only able to hurt me by hurting Jess. I can take it though. If I let go then we lose Jess and he can take her anywhere he wants to."
"Chit chat All you like, gentlemen. Sooner or later you will leave the vehicle and then I will have no mercy on either of you. And you, Mark, if I pick up on your astral trail and find your body, you will not Want to return to it. Might not even kill you. Just leave you wishing that I would have."
Ryan brushed the glass from his chest and face. The window had shattered all over him and he could feel the glass cutting his skin. The trickles of blood ran down his arms and face as he brushed as much of the glass away as he could. He turned the key and the car started. He put it in drive and the tires squealed as he pulled away from Joshua.
"Can he follow us, Mark?"
"Yes, he can go anywhere he wants to, Ryan."
"No, listen to me! Can he keep up with us as I drive?"
"He moves differently than the car so no, he will have to find us and lock onto us again. If he moves to fast it will hurl him into another realm. He knows that and so he won't chance that. It would leave Jess to open to being saved."
"Alright, then for now we focus on Dallas and the warehouse. Once we locate it, we can sit tight for a time and watch the place. We will know if Joshua tries to move her."
"By that time, Jess's aura will have completely faded and being that close, I can release my link to her safely. If I don't do that, Joshua will be able to find us through her essence. I don't like it but we really have little choice at this time."
Ryan drove on, thinking of someway to save Jess and the girls in cages at the same time. He was going to have to choose perhaps which he would have to save. Did he save the lives of many young girls going to be slaves or worse the rest of their lives? Did he sacrifice the many to save the "One?" His mind drifted back to Mark. He had a thought.
"Mark, are you awake?"
"Ryan, we don't really sleep in this realm. We can rest some but not like you would in your own body. I don't require as much as Jess because I haven't been through what she has been in her body and spirit."
"Question. Where is your body right now?" Ryan waited for an answer but Mark said nothing for a moment. "It wasn't a trick question, Mark. You Do know where your body is, right!?"
"Of course I know where it is! What kind of a question is that!?"
"Then answer me, Man! I need to know something!"
"I have to be careful. If the answer should linger and Joshua find it, he will also know and then I am his."
"Can you point to it, a location or something on a map?"
"What is your question? It isn't about where I am, is it?"
"No, I am sorry. I want to know if you can get to your body and perhaps we can split and save everyone. If you could go to the girls and set them free while I got Jess out safely? Is that possible?"
"My body is in Dallas. That is where I live. I may be somewhere near where the girls are but i need Jess to tell me. She is too tired still and so afraid of Joshua. When we get into Dallas, then I will ask her and we can try and do what it is you want to do. I will rejoin my body and find the girls and free them. Joshua can not be physically at both places at once."
"Then how did he hurt Jess and come to us at the same time, Mark?"
"I don't know for certain. Some are stronger than others. Joshua has been doing this far longer than I have. I can't be certain how he did that."
"Well you better be certain, Mark!!! You better be damn sure because if you aren't. Joshua is going to kill us both!!!"
"Don't yell at me Ryan! I am trying so hard. I am not as experienced as Jess or Joshua. I am trying my best and scared to death!"
Ryan softened his words. "Mark, it's o.k. We will figure this out. When Jess is able, she will tell us what we need to know. Just relax for now. We are pulling into Dallas now. We are going to need Jess as soon as we find the place she is at."
"She is telling me something. She says to go to the East side of the City. Florentine Street will get us close but not so close that Joshua knows."
"Ask her where the girls are! We need to know that."
"She says they are next to her building. She says we need to be careful. He has mastered two plaines at once and so though he doesn't have as much strength on the second plaine, he can still hurt us. I have to release her now or he will find us."
"Tell her I am coming for her! Tell her... tell her I don't know how it is possible, but tell her I love her. I love her as if I have known her forever."
Ryan felt Mark touch his shoulder. Suddenly he felt a warmth wash over him and then, he heard her beautiful voice. "You have loved me forever, Love. I have waited my whole life for you. And I love you too. Come and save me Ryan. I need you."
"NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! You will not save her!!" Ryan's head jerked back at the sudden invasion of his thoughts. Joshua's voice echoed through out Ryan's head. "I will kill you long before that ever happens!"
"Mark!!! Cut it off. Release your link with Jess now!"
Ryan could feel as soon as the link was severed. His body went limp and he fell forward in the seat. "Did he see where we were, Mark!?"
"No, I don't think he had time to look. It all happened too fast. But Jess passed on to me Joshua's secret. She stole it from his head while he was battling you. I think we just might have a chance to defeat him now."
"How? What did she pass on to you?"
"I will tell you when I am certain Joshua is gone for a while. For now, let's go find us a corn Mill."
"Yes Mark, let's."

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