Sunday, March 8, 2009

When White meets Black... Chapter 3

How many warehouses could there be in Dallas, Ryan wondered. "One hundred, two hundred, Hell, I don't know!" he spoke aloud. "I can't search everyone of them. I wish Jess had told me a little more.And why was she screaming Joshua's name? He must have found her, but if he did..."
Suddenly, from out of the trees along the road, something caught Ryan's eye. He saw the movement and instinctively veered to the right to avoid hitting. He felt a bump on the passenger door and at that moment, the entire inside of the car frosted over. Ryan's fingers were slipping off the steering wheel and the car veered wildly sideways in the road. It skidded sideways for 30 feet before the wheels caught and flipped the car over once and then back onto it's wheels again. As it touch the road Ryan turned the wheels as if the car had never once strayed from the straight path of the road in front of him.
"Do that again, man! That was way too cool."
Ryan jumped a bit in his seat at the sound of a voice coming from his backseat. The fact that he had just flipped his car, crunched the roof down so it now touched the top of his head and drove on like it never happened was for some reason not as important as why and how someone got into his backseat while it all was happening. he glanced into his rear-view mirror and shook his head. He laughed to himself before speaking.
"O.k., when it begins to seem normal to have see-through people in my car, it is time to pull over somewhere and have a cold one and a reality check. If the reality check doesn't happen, well... I will still have the cold one."
"We aren't going to do the flip thing again, are we?"
"That would be a No and who are you!? How did you get in here? Don't I have to invite you in or something first!?"
"That's Vampires and they do not exist, bright boy. My name is Mark and I projected of course. I really deserve a round of applause because hitting a moving target is not easy to do."
"if you don't mind, I will save the applauding for after I know you a little better."
"Suit yourself." The young man sitting in Ryann's backseat looked to be about eighteen. He was as see through as Jess had become just before she left. He reminded Ryan of a young version of George Clooney. "Anyways, as I was saying, my name is Mark and I am here at the request of Jessica. She can't come back to you yet but she can communicate with you if you allow her too.
"Is she alright? What happened to her?"
"She is fine for now. She was projecting too long and needed to rest. If she doesn't do that, her physical body will lose touch with her. If that happens... well, she would be trapped in this world forever. Not a good place to be for eternity."
"What does she need me to do?"
"She needs you too drive to Dallas and find her body. Joshua did find out that she was out of body and came looking for her. He couldn't stay locked on to her but he got her on her way out of the car. There must be something about you or the car that won't allow him to follow her that close."
"Is that a good thing?"
"Yea, it is. Whatever it is, it keeps you safe and kept him from seeing who you are or where you are driving to."
"O.k. then, let's find her and be done with this stuff. Ask her the location, please."
"Hang tight buddy. I am trying here. She said beside it is an old airplane hanger. It appears to be empty. On the other side of where she is there is a metal building. It looks to be some sort of old corn mill. that should get us into the area, She can't help us anymore right now. Joshua is coming back soon."
"Then we will find the place she is in and then sit there until she tells us differently. How is it that you know Jess?"
"She is my sister, Ryan, and I need to get her out of there."
"We will find a way, Mark. That is a promise.
"Ouch!" Mark crllllied out. His body moved across the back seat. He slammed into the door and it caused the car to swerve a bit. "God have Mercy! Help me Ryan, please, help me. Joshua is hurting Jess badly. When he hurts her, I feel it too. But if I let it go, then I will lose her and I don't want to right now. She needs me, needs Us Ryan."
Ryan slammed on the brakes as a figure stepped in front of his car. He stopped inches from the figure. He watched as the figure touched the car. The car iced over instantly. Mark watched as the doors locked again. The figure was solid now. He walked to Marks window and with his finger, he touched it and the window shattered. His voice was loud and echoed into the car.
"You have chosen a poor friend to pick up, Ryan. I will wait until you leave the car and then, I am going to kill you...

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