Friday, September 5, 2008


Derek raced across what was now a full parking lot. People paid him no attention as he jumped over car hoods and slipped down alleys, trying to find the fastest way to the shop. He knew that every single minuted counted now. He had finally found a way to be back with both of his loves and nothing would stop him from making it back in time. He reached the shop and his heart skipped a beat. The door was locked and the lights were all turned off. The sign saying closed still hung in the door. Derek began to pound on the front door. He looked inside to see if there was any movement. Not seeing anyone coming to the door, he began to pound on the glass again, this time with a fury. He had to get that clock and make it back in time to save the only woman he ever loved. One last time he slammed his fists into the door. One time too many, it seemed. Suddenly the glass panel shattered into a million tiny pieces. Derek just froze, his hands still poised in the air, blood trickling slowly from cuts from the shards of glass. Cars slowed down and people called out to the beat cop.
"Hey there is a guy breaking into the Pisk shop!" one man shouted. "Someone get a cop!"
Derek panicked at the sound of the voices all around him. He still had a clock to retrieve. Stepping through the open door, he looked towards the table where the clock had last sat. "Empty!? How in the hell could it be gone!? Surely Grammie would have known we left it here!" He was still talking out loud to himself when he felt a hand grasp his arm.
"You have some explaining to do, young man!" Derek turned and looked into the face of a cop. The man held a revolver in his other hand.
"No, you don't understand! This is my Grammie shop! I forgot something and came back to get it!"
"And dear old Grammie couldn't just have opened the door for you?! Come on, you are going downtown."
A full blown fear gripped Derek suddenly. He didn't know where the clock was. He thought maybe Grammie saw it and was bringing it to them. Even if that were so, she would get to the Palace, only to find him not there. What then? He tried to pull away from the cop.
"Now don't give me any guff, youngster! I will use this gun if I need to. Just come along quietly and we will check out your story. If "Grammie" says you are telling the truth, then you and her can figured out the door."
Derek resisted again. "You don't understand! I have to be somewhere in just a few minutes! Please let me go! I have to find that clock!" Derek could hear sirens in the background. He knew more cops would be there in just a moment. He suddenly went calm.
"There, now that's better. See how easy this is?" The cop loosened his grip a little to reach for his handcuffs. As soon as Derek felt the change, he reached around and slapped the gun from the cops hand. The cop, in a bit of shock at Derek's sudden barrage, stood frozen for a moment. Derek grabbed the opportunity to wrap his strong arms around the cop and drag him into the back room of the shop.
"Where is he Mother!? He should have been back here by now! Evel is going to be jumping very soon!"
"I don't know where he is, Nina! Something must have happened that slowed him down. He will be here. I know your father and he isn't going to let anything stop him from getting back here in time."
A voice called out from behind them. Both turned to see Grammie walking as fast as her legs would allow her too. She was clutching something tight to her chest. "Nina, Carrie Ann, where is Derek?!"
"We thought he was at your shop! Didn't you see him there? He was coming back for the..."
"Clock. Yes I saw it after you all were gone. I grabbed it and hurried over here to you. I did not see Derek anywhere. I heard a bunch of sirens coming from over near my shop. Oh dear, I hope he hasn't got him self into a mess."
"What are we going to do Grammie?! We can't pass through the Fabric and leave him here."
"We have to get you through the Fabric Carrie or none of it will matter."
"I am not leaving without Derek, Grammie! I won't do it!"
Grammie grabbed Carrie by the shoulders. "You listen to me young lady! You have a daughter that needs her mother. That is your first priority right now. If Derek doesn't make it back here in time, I will be here to find a way to send him to you."
"How? How will you do that Grammie?! You know damn well that will be near impossible. Nina is going to pull the rip closed when we pass through it! There will be no way to get back. You said so yourself! Where is he???!!!"
"Mother, stop it, you are scaring me. We have to listen to Grammie so we can save you. We have to do that. Daddy will be here. We still have some time."
"I have an idea that might get us a few more minutes. You need to get backstage with the camera. Find Mr. Knievel and tell him you want to do a quick interview for a television station. He is a ham and begs for the publicity. He will not say no. Keep him busy for as long as you can. Nothing happens until he tears the Fabric so time doesn't matter. When he jumps is not relevant."
"Yes, yes, that will work. You wait here in case Derek comes back. Nina, you stay with Grammie so no one asks too many questions. We will get this done. I am going to have my family back. All of them."
Carrie disappeared behind a huge curtain, the camera poised already on her shoulder.
Derek figured that Grammie must have taken the clock and was bringing it to them. The cop was struggling to get free of his grip. Time was running out for him and for Carrie Ann. He had only one choice and it tore at him to have to do it.
"You leave me no choice! Your buddies are going to be here in a minute or two and I simply can't be taken by them."
Derek grabbed a pipe that was near by and raised it over the cops head. The cops eyes bulged as he looked at the pipe coming towards him. There was no where to hide and he slumped to the floor as the pipe made contact. Derek prayed he had not hit the man too hard.
"How much is this going to change history", he whispered. Derek reached down and felt for a pulse. A sigh of relief flushed out of him as he felt the blood pulsing through the cops neck. Hearing the sirens just outside the shop, Derek tossed the pipe down and ran out the back door. Now it was a true race against time. He prayed silently as he ran that Grammie would be with Carrie and Nina when he got there...

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