Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Half-lings... The End??????

One by one the Humans died. Some tried to run to the safety of their vehicles while others simply closed their eyes and fired their rifles until they were empty, waiting for the final blow that would end their lives. The beasts fought side by side with the She-cats and discovered that perhaps their hatred for one another had been a fight that was no longer theirs.
Leandra fought with a savagery that she did not even know she possessed. She killed the humans with fury and hatred. A hatred she knew would never be appeased by only killing these men. She called out to her kinsmen.
"These men have families, lovers or someone they care for just as we do! We will hunt them down and wipe out their legacy as they have ours tonight. We will do this as one tribe, one pride, to ensure the safety of our species and for vengeance for the loved ones they have taken from us. Who will fight with me!?!? Beast-men, your leader lays in a cave, possibly dieing from the wounds inflicted by the man that called himself Michael's father."
"We will fight with you, Leandra! So say the Beast-men!" The Beast-men raised their weapons in the air and roared.
The screams had stopped and the two groups stopped to lick their wounds. They had defeated the humans at a high price. Over half of the Beast-men and She-cats had been killed. The sun slowly rose above the trees and shined it's light down into the forest. Beasts changed to humans as did the She-cats. They sat together, looking at one another. Leandra went to the cave that Michael's was in. She prayed that she would not find him dead. She needed Michael in her life and could not imagine him Not there. Entering the cave, she found Lori, sitting beside Michael's body. She had covered him completely, from head to toe, with her coat and under-shirt. Leandra felt her heart skip and tears began to flow, even before she reached him. Lori reached out her hand to steady Leandra's walk.
"I did everything that I could do for him, Leandra. I just didn't know enough of how to treat me."
Leandra fell to the floor beside Michael. She grasped his hand in hers, the tears flowing steady onto the floor. She rubbed his hand on her face and kissed it gently.
"Tell me he is just healing, Lori. Please tell me he isn't gone. He was the one that saw the true me. He knew me enough to know I would fight at his side forever. I need him, Lori." Her statement sounded more like a plea to Lori.
"There is no pulse, Lea. There has not been one for hours. He is gone."
"No-o-o-o-o!" Leandra grabbed Lori and tossed her to the floor. For the first time in her life, Lori felt afraid of Leandra. "Go," Leandra screamed in what was almost a growl. "Leave here and never, ever look upon our kind again! If I see you after this day, I Will kill you for the human that you are!"
"Leandra, please,' Lori cried out. "I am Not one of them. All of the humans are Not like those men that killed Michael! Do not do this to me! I am your friend."
"I will turn my back for a moment. When I look back again, if you are still here, I will simply kill you!"
Lori could see Leandra beginning to change. She knew in that instant that Leandra meant what she said. The She-cat would only see a human now. No longer would she see Lori as her best friend. She would see her as one of many that killed the man she loved. Lori turned and ran as fast as she could out of the cave and to her car. never looking back, she drove away from the forest, her eyes so filled with tears she could barely see. Today, she had lost the best friend she had ever known. A friend she trusted with her life and now, feared for her life because of her.
Leandra kissed Michael once more and covered him. She went to the entrance of the cave and climbed to the top of the entrance. Calling out to her pride, in moments she was surrounded by She-cats and Beast-men.
"He is gone! The humans took his life! I need you to pull the cave walls down around the entrance so that no one can enter here again!"
The creatures joined forces again and soon the entire front of the cave was crashing in around the entrance. They all sat in front of the cave when it was sealed and bowed in reverence to the man... the Beast-man that had changed their worlds forever.
"Today, we lost a great man," Leandra growled. "We will stay in hiding and one by one, avenge the man we all loved and my Mother! We will start with the families of the humans that tried to erase our species from the face of the earth! After they are all gone, we will kill humans entire They are annihilated or we... are all dead! Are you with me!?!?!?!? YOU are my family, now! Who will fight with me!?!?!?!"
The roars and screams and raising of clubs told Leandra that she would not fight alone. She cried as they all walked into the deep forest...


It was dark and cold. He could not see his hand in front of his face. His body ached when he tried to stand. How long had he been here? Where was Lori and Leandra? The cave dust on his clothing and the bats hanging near him, their feces rank, told Michael he had been here for at least a week. He walked to what was once the entrance to the cave. He began to move the boulders, one at a time. This was going to be a long day. He would find Leandra and together, they would make a life together. He loved her with all he was and he would not stop until they were standing side by side...

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