Friday, March 6, 2009

When White meets Black... Chapter 1

His passenger had road silent for nearly 50 miles. Ryan wondered what had possessed him that he stopped and picked this total stranger. He had a rule not too and yet when he saw her standing by the road, he automatically pulled over. Perhaps it was the rain that had been coming down for nearly 3 hours that made him stop. Maybe the fact that it would be dark soon made his mind fog over. For whatever reason, sitting beside him now was a lady... a girl really, soaked to the bone and looking as if she had not seen anything even remotely close to a shower in a long time. He guessed her to be in her early twenties but Ryan never was very good at guessing ages. She was a pretty girl and from the quick glance Ryan had caught of her facing him, her green eyes could stop a freight train. She had full lips and her dress was tight to her body from the rain. He could see the contour of her slim body and she seemed to curve exactly where they should. He wanted to know more about this young beauty sitting beside him.
Ryan thought that perhaps if he spoke first it might break the ice a little. It was at the very least worth a try.
"So, I am traveling to Laredo for a meeting with my bosses. It seems they have a problem with the way i am handling the business in Nebraska. I take care of transfers of funds to foreign countries for them. Sometimes I pass on tips for where the money market is going and I guess they don't like that.I do what I think is best for the..."
"Do you think we could just not talk? I really have no interest in what you do for a living. I just needed a ride but maybe that was too much to ask for."
Ryan was shocked at the young girls response to his talking. He stared at the young girl and shook his head. What ever had caused her to be on the road tonight, it was still with her and she was not willing to talk of it. Ryan however, was not one to give up easily. the worst she could do was either ignore him, which she had done since accepting the ride, or get out. either way, it was not going to keep him awake at night.
"You know nothing of me! You think me an idiot but I am Not!I would not leave the vehicle to stand in the storm I just got out of! There are things you have no idea of that I can do. Reading your thought is just one of them."
Ryan stared again, not knowing what to say. He was almost afraid to think and he found himself trying to shut down any thoughts he did not want her to read. he suddenly wished he had simply kept on driving and never picked her up.
"Look, all i was trying to do was make conversation. I didn't mean to get you all riled up. I thought maybe you could use a little friendly chit chat. I will just shut up for now."
Suddenly the vehicle began to slow down. Ryan stepped on the gas but nothing was happening. He could feel the hairs on his neck beginning to stand up. As he looked at her, she smiled.
"I am, for future knowledge, Jessica. I am not what I appear to be. And I can do things your mind can not even imagine."
The car came to a complete stop. "We will set here for a little while. I will tell you who I am and what I am. You will perhaps understand me, but maybe, you will choose not to believe. If that is so then I have been wrong in my choice of strangers to choose you to pick me up."
As she spoke, the windows fogged over inside the car. Ryan felt a chill run up and down his back and neck. The fog was so thick that the seats felt damp. All he could think was what had he driven into? What kind of woman was this sitting beside him? As he looked at Jessica, he had to close his eyes and re-open them. He was sure it was just from the fog.
"Jessica, it looks like I am looking right through you. How is that possible? Who ARE you!!?? What Are you!?"
"Please Ryan, I want to explain...

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