Tuesday, September 2, 2008


"We need to go back to our time, Nina. We have to find out what is special about this time. Your mother came here for a reason and we have to..."
"Wait, no. Daddy we can not leave mother here alone! What happens if we can't get back here? "
"We got here this time, so no reason why we can not come back again."
"Don't you understand how you got here Daddy? You haven't crossed the barrier of the Fabric in so many years. I called to you from here but you didn't hear me. I sent a car back to you so that you could get here. The gift will be strengthen in you now that you are here but then..."
"I understand now, Nina. But if we don't know what happened here today, how will we find your mother? And why can't you just call to her or send a car, like you did to me?"
"Mother always covered herself in a cloak so that she was hard to find. I only found her this time because she cut herself while shaving this morning. Her blood left a direct trail to the time she went. Once here though, it is no longer existent in this time. It was a one time good thing."
"Then coming here was a waste of time. We have no way to locate her and she could be any where in Las Vegas."
"No, this is where I came to when I followed her. Caesars Palace has something to do with why she came here. We need to find out what event is happening in there today."
Together they walked through the crowds of people to the front doors. There on the wall beside them was their answer. A huge banner with a motorcyclist on it.
Evel Knievel to perform here tonight. See the greatest motorcycle jump of all time. Watch his death defying leap over the top of our Fountain.
"That's it, Nina. That is why your mother chose this spot. When Knievel jumped the fountain, he crashed. No one saw it but I remember seeing a tiny light at the top of the screen when they showed it on T.V. The light was Knievel tearing the Fabric because of the fire from the bike and the speed he traveled. He never knew why he failed and blamed it on the bike. The truth was that the rip he caused snagged the bike and tried to suck it into whatever time he opened."
"Mother is trying to use a rip that was caused by someone else. If she does that, it won't cause a fire and she won't be caught in this time."
"Yes, but she would need a clock. An alarm clock made special that was very rare... almost non-existent in our time. Somehow, she must have found one and is going to use it to go back in time. It's her only chance to do whatever it is she is trying to do and beat the Fabric."
"Then we need to find where they sell them here. We should be able to find mother there. Daddy, do you love mommy?"
The question was so quick and out of left field. Derek stood and stared at Nina for a moment. He took her by the hand and sat her down on a bench outside the Palace. He took her hands in his and smiled softly at her. "Nina, love was never an issue for your mother and I. The love was and is always there. I think that your mother wanted more for you. She..." A tear ran down his face as he spoke. "She wanted us to be a family."
"We were a family, daddy." Nina's tears made Derek cry even more. Here sat a big man, muscled-toned, a five o'clock shadow of a beard on his face, huge hands that now covered his daughters face, crying for all the world to see. The sadness in his face, the love in his eyes were so evident.
"No baby, we weren't. Not really. I was always working to hard to make us a family. I only realized it after I came home and found the note. It devastated me and I cried for weeks. I waited for you and your mother to come back... you never did. I love your mother with all of my heart. She was always the greatest gift to me. When you came along, everything was perfect in my world. I never saw what my work was doing to our life." Derek pulled Nina to his chest and his teardrops fell into her hair. It felt as if it were raining to her as she soaked his shirt with her own tears.
"Let's go find mother and make this all right,Daddy."
Locating a phone book, they found the only shop that dealt in antique clocks. They hailed a cab that took them to the shop. Derek handed the cabbie a ten spot and they headed for the door. Had he looked back, he would have seen the cabbie scratching his head, looking at the ten dollar bill he had just received. 1984 the date read. The cabbie smiled now. "I got me one of them, what-cha call it's. A misprinted bill. I bet it's worth a small fortune. I won't be driven a Cab no more. I'll be hailing one!" he said out loud as he drove away.
The little bell at the top of the door rang as they entered the shop. Turning quickly towards the sound, Carrie Ann found herself face to face with her daughter and her husband. She began to fall to her knees and was caught in the arms of the only man she had ever loved. The three of them hugged one another tightly. Derek took her chin gently into his fingertips. He tilted her head back and kissed her deeply. A kiss that said I will never let you go away again. Carrie returned the kiss in like.
"Hey you too, we need to get moving here. You can kiss later, when we are home safely."
Derek looked down at Nina and smiled. "Let's do what you came here to do Carrie and get back to our own time. You already have me back so let's just go and start fresh now."
Carrie looked at Derek and began to cry again. "We can't go without going back in time."
"Sure we can. I am here now, we are all together. Let's just go!"
"Derek listen to me! This is only an essence of me here. Part of me is still back there in our apartment. I slipped down our steps and fell. Nina didn't find me, she only found the plans for me to try and fabric again. Part of me is laying on the floor, dieing. If I don't do this, I will die there. Please help me, my love. Don't let me die now that I have found you again."
Derek held her close to him and cried. He would not lose her ever again.
"Let's do this, Carrie Ann. Let's save your life!"

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