Tuesday, June 22, 2010

George... Just a cat????

Because life goes on, we go on. Sometimes not out of reason but out of a need to see what tomorrow may bring. Perhaps it will be better than the day before it. Death reminds us of our own mortality. Seeing something or someone you love die often brings you to a place of wondering. Abstract thoughts from an abstract mind. Animals... creatures we take and domesticate and make our own. We take from them love that they give to us, unconditionally. they become not just an animal in our home. They are family... children that we care for and love and share our lives with.   And when we lose them, it is very much like losing a family member.
 George, a Female tabby with a male name. So named by a man that lives with being bipolar every single day. To see her named a male name is nothing strange to those that know me and love me. It is simply the way it is. For over six years, George, the name, fit as well as George, the cat, fit into my life. Does it seem a bit strange to write about a cat? Not to my mind or in my world. It seems perfectly normal. She was tiny and she loved to be loved. Know by most of the family and friends that knew My George, as the cat with claws or "the Nasty one", George completed the litter of cats that are part of our home. She stood her ground and often, when she was bored, she played tag with the other cats.  Slapping them as they slept, she instigated many high speed chases in the house.
 And... in the night, when the day was finished, George faithfully climbed int bed with me and slept on one of my arms. She gave kisses and snuggled as close as she could to me. She followed me through the house and waited atn the window, watching for me when I needed to go somewhere. She was more precious to me than I can convey to you in words. If you are an animal lover in any way, you understand my words. You feel the loss and sadness of losing something you truly love. Though I am no idiot and understand She was a CAT, the loss is great and I will miss My George. I will miss the joy she has brought to me and my family. A nasty bacteria took her from me. One that hits without warning and cripples a cat from the knees down. A blood clot on her legs took her ability to move them. An autopsy revealed the clots were only two of so many inside her tiny body. An aneurysm on her heart would have exploded one day and killed her one day not far down the road. Her lungs were scarred from the pneumonia she had when I took her off the street. So many ailments and yet she never showed signs of any of it bothering her. She simply craved and took and gave Love.
 Just an animal???Hmmmm? I guess I didn't see her that way. I saw her as a companion and friend. I wonder how many others cry at the loss of an animal in their family? I hope that my perception of mankind isn't tainted or saddened by finding that I am odd man out by feeling the way I do about losing George. My tears are for a friend, not a "just an animal." We take them into our homes and our hearts and they become such a part of us. When they die, we mourn them and wish they were here. Seems I have been here, done this not so very long ago.

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