Friday, August 22, 2008

things I know about family/friends...

This morning I want to write about the friends that become family. Not by marriage or any legal matter. I am talking about friends that through your heart and their love and caring, become as much and sometimes even more family than your own family. They touch your heart and soul in wonderful way and when you are with them, they ARE family.
The last four days, my daughter and I spent with her best friend and her family. What a fantastic blessing they were. AS most know that read my writings, I am severely Bipolar and Turrets. I don't like being away from the safe place that my home and surroundings are for me. When my daughter approached me with the idea of going to visit her girlfriend and family in Minnesota, my heart pounded. We have known them for many years now and they have been so like family to us. We talked about it and she and the family understood that I may last for only one day. There were places to go wish translated to me as "People" to deal with. There was their family to meet which transferred to my brain as "A place to go and feel cornered."
All of these thoughts ran through my mind. I am at least somewhat comfortable with my own family. And then it hit me. We weren't going to meet strangers. We were going to enjoy "family." We of course took the trip and when we arrived, I could feel the "family's" love surround us. They were so very happy to see us and we the same for them. We went to Lake Superior and I feel in love with the scenery before me. Watching the waves hit the rocks and cascade over the top of them. Watching those same waves rush up to touch our feet, like little Nymphs, flirting with us, trying so hard to get us to follow them back into the water. We watched huge ships come in and the bridge lift high to let the passing ships in and out of the Bay. We walked the Rose garden that has over 100,000 roses of every variety. The smell of roses was so much nose candy. The kind of nose candy that intoxicates your soul and fills your soul with a sense of heaven reaching down to earth Just for You.
We grilled steaks and burgers and brats and laughed and smiled and spent such precious time together. Our days were filled with going every where and playing cards and talking. Just plain talking. We met all of the family and they were so kind to us.
As we sat and talked and I realized how much at "home" I was with them, I felt the "family" presence in the house. There was no feeling of "OH My God, what happens if I do this or that?" Only Love. When I did fizzle or need time alone, they gave it and without a look of ""Did we do or say something wrong?" That is what family does. A different kind of blog here today, i know. A blog of smiles and enjoyment and of the wonderful vacation I* just experienced. A way to say THANK YOU to the beautiful "family" I just spent the past week with. Sometimes, the people we call friend become family and the door is always open to my home for them. No matter what reason they have for coming inside. What a wonderful gift Faye and Christall and Tim and their family are to my soul. I thank God for the blessing of them. Always, Darrel...

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