Monday, April 13, 2009

Into the Flames part 5...

Jeffrey began to move towards Ian. Sylvia laid over him and tried to use her own body as a shield. Abby had uttered some words in an unknown language and had caused her body to stop burning. She reached out and touched Jeffrey on his shoulder just as he was touching Ian's leg. Ian screamed out in horrible pain. His body was going from no skin to skin over and over again. Each time caused him more pain.
"Stop it!!!! Stop hurting him! He didn't do anything to you! I am the one that fell in love... I am the one that tossed you and your daughters aside! I forgot you in the closet! But he didn't do anything to you! If you are going to hurt someone then hurt me, you monster!"
Abby pulled on Jeffrey, knowing that their combined powers were inflicting more pain on Ian. She really had no other choice. She had to calm Jeffrey down before she could do anything more. She finally managed to pull Jeffrey away from Ian. As he turned around to face Abby, Jeffrey blinked his eyes and flames began to swallow Abby again. She merely waved her hand and the flames were gone as fast as they had begun.
"No more Jeffrey! We have to stay calm if we are to fix this! You need to step back and let me do my work here."
"No, I am going to do what I came here to do! He is going to feel the pain I have felt for so long." Jeffrey pushed Sylvia away from Ian. He then grabbed Ian and wrapped his body around Ian and began to squeeze him. "This is for all you have caused me! I hate you and the longer I hold onto you, the more you will burn. Eventually your body will be absorbed by the flames and you will spend eternity with me mas your torturer. I think I might just enjoy that, very much!"
As Ian screamed in pain, Sylvia looked up at Abby. The terror in her eyes and the sadness could not be missed. "Is that true!?!?!?!?!? Is what he just said going to happen to Ian???!!!"
"It will if we can not stop him. I don't know exactly how to stop him now. He is angry and that anger feeds him and makes him stronger than any I have ever encountered. I need more strength!"
Abby ran out the door and headed towards her house. Sylvia watched her go and then looked over at Ian. His body seemed to be staying as a skeleton longer with each passing moment. Even his screams were getting weaker.
"Well I am not going to sit here while the man I love is condemned to an eternity of burning in God knows where!"
She stood up and went to her writing desk. She took out the old manuscript, wiped the dust from the pages and then began to write. She re-read each word and typed the words new. She typed as fast as she could, knowing that Ian's time was running out.
(The flames reached out of the lantern as Dora Lee and Miranda laughed. "You found me but you haven't tagged me yet, Dora. It doesn't count unless you touch me."
"I will tagged you as soon as I move this lantern."
The lantern fell forward and it's flames spit out of the top. Dora's dress was suddenly covered in flames. She began to scream as the flames engulfed her body. Miranda tried to pat the flames out on her sister. Instead, the flames began to crawl up sleeve and cover her tiny body. She too screamed out in pain as the flames nearly hid her body from sight.}
Sylvia read the words back to herself. As she did, suddenly she looked up and saw Jeffrey standing beside her. Ian was laying on the floor, his skeletal body motionless now.
"And that is where you left us! My daughters burning and screaming. You didn't even look back!"
Without looking up Sylvia began typing again. She typed as she had never typed before. Jeffrey glanced at her and then walked back towards Ian. He grabbed Ian's leg and began to burn him again. This time, Ian did not cry out. He did not fight to pull away. His eyes were glassed over and fixed in a stare. Jeffrey smiled and dropped his leg.
"It would appear that your Love is no longer with us."
Sylvia stopped typing and looked at Ian. She knew by his look that he was gone. She covered her face with her hands and sobbed.
"You killed him. You killed the only man I have ever loved. A good man that didn't deserve to die that way. Come and take me too. I have no need nor desire to live with out him."
"Then I won't mind so much taking your life. You might even see your Love, reliving his last moments over and over again. How special that will be!"
As he reached for Sylvia, she closed her eyes and whispered "I will be with you soon, My Love. We will have our eternity together. Wait for me."
His hands, inches from her face, suddenly he was tossed backwards across the room. His body crumbled into the wall with an echoing thud.
"You will NOT take an others life! It ends here Jeffrey!"
Sylvia looked up at hearing the man's strong voice. Dale stood in the doorway, holding Abby's hand in his. "Together, we will beat you back and imprison you in your old house for all times. You can not fight us both."
Jeffrey stood and was immediately knocked off his feet again. His fury now multiplied at this new attack, he focus all of it on Dale and Abby. Suddenly their hair began to smoke. The heat from the flames was searing the skin off their bones. As the heat intensified, Dale and Abby continued to burn, for the first time feeling the pain.
"You can not win! Give it up and make this easier for all of us!"
"We will Not give up until we are both dead!"
"How noble of you Abby. Too bad the story has to end this way."
The Story... that was the answer to it all. Jeffrey had brought on his own ending without even knowing. "Sylvia, write! Write the ending to the story! You never finished it. Think fast and write faster!"
Sylvia knew exactly what she needed to write. She sat down and began to type, all the while watching Dale and Abby burn more. Their time was almost over too...

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