Monday, January 28, 2008

getting Educated

I wanted the knowledge that schooling could have given me. I did not feel as if I had been slighted or missed a chance. The life we traded for the city was more than great. I loved the mountains and the freedom to climb those mountains. But there were still some mountains I had to climb education-wise. I read national geographic, in the outhouse of course. I found books on mathematics and taught myself to do budgets and month end accruals. I studied books such as "management market" and I listened. Yes, listened to conversations and when someone would talk about something I wasn't educated on, I looked it up and studied on the subject. I made certain that the next time the subject came up, I would know what to say and how to respond.
You must remember that this was back in the days before computers. I will say a computer would have been of little good to me. We had no running water and no electricity. What I was to learn was to come in book form or through people that were in the know. I was never, ever afraid to ask questions. That is a Hint to you should you ever find yourself where I was. People like to talk and love to sound knowledgeable. I caution you only with this. Sometimes people you encounter will want to sound educated more than they are. Take what is said in your mind and then verify it by reading about it.
When we left the mountains and moved back into society... note I did NOT say "to civilization" as I thought the violence and the way people treated one another was very "Uncivilized," I found the library to be the best place for the knowledge I was seeking. I read up on business and society as well as books to help me get my GED. But I learned something else in my quest to be smarter. I found that book smart did not always apply to the "real" world. I needed to understand how the world around me handled day to day life. Things I didn't have to think about or deal with in the mountains of British Columbia. I watched and I learned.
Did all of this reading really help me? Did I learn anything and could I conceal the fact that I was only schooled to the eighth grade? The answer is Yes! I went on to get my GED, joined the Air Force and educated myself more in there. When I left the Air Force, I worked several jobs and mastered them all. I finally made management at my last job before becoming a writer. I hold conversations with people about almost any subject you can imagine. No-one ever suspects that I am not a college educ[ted man. I am very proud of where I have come to and the knowledge that is stored up inside of my mind.
Anyone that truly wants to better themselves can do it. I tell you, read, read and read some more. Listen with your mind and your heart. Don't pass up ANY opportunity that comes to you to further your education. Take side courses and watch for classes given at local colleges. Your education is up to you. Reach for the stars because they are attainable. The world is at your disposal so use it. Get Smart!!!!!!!!!!


Head Cookie said...

Hi Darrel,

first things first here are some big hugsssss from me to you. Second if you don't mind could you please go to my blog under the reflections entry you have been tagged. It isn't some silly tag either please check it out.

Darrel said...

thank you so much for taking the time to come here. It truly gives me the encouragement to continue to add to this blog. I have gone to your site and commented there. I enjoyed it very much. I am always JASA for you. Hugsssss you tight.

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