Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Part 5...

Kellie's Uncle winked at Mark an then pointed towards the cage at the end of the warehouse.He mouthed words to mark rather than spoke them out loud.
"They are mine now. You left them alone and I took them. If you want them, come and get them."
Mark could hear the laughter come through the steel. He felt a kick or punch on the steel and it vibrated against his ear. Fear gripped him as he tried desperately to figure a way to save his family. He had not come this far, not found the family he thought dead a year ago, just to go home without them. He would rather die than live that nightmare ever again.
"What happened in there!? What did you see through the window Mark!? Are they in..."
Mark cupped his hand over Kellie's mouth. "Shhhhh, they might hear us out here! Your Uncle and his pal are in there. I saw Kellie and the girls inside too. They are in a cage at the end of warehouse."
"A cage! What do you mean a cage?"
"A cage, Kellie, a bloody cage! Your Uncle saw me and now we have to figure out how we are going to get them out of there. We have to make sure they Ar safe before we do anything."
"No! I knew this was going to happen. That mad-man is going to have my father killed! Damn you, you promised me we would be careful! You never cared at all about my father!"
Mark grabbed her and pulled her closer to him. He looked her directly in her eyes with a look that told Kellie she should listen to him. "Your father is surrounded by guards right now! No one is getting near him! My wife and daughters however do Not have that luxury. We have to think for a minute and figure out how we can get past those two idiots in there. We need a distraction so that one of us can get inside an get them out of that cage."
"How are we going to do that? They will kill either one of us as soon as they see us."
"I don't think so. I think your Uncle is sick in the mind. I am depending on that fact to help us. He will want to make me suffer in some way. A mind like his derives pleasure from hurting other people. If he thinks he can cause me more pain than he already has, he will jump at the chance."
"Tell me what to do and I will do it. I want to help your family too. I want to prove to you my father didn't make this happen."
"We need to back away from the building so we can figure this all out. One mistake and we will all be dead, including your father."
They moved back to the car. Slowly Kellie backed the car up to another small building. She parked behind it where they could see the warehouse but not be seen. Mark reached into his pocket and to Kellie's surprise he pulled out a handgun. She stared at the gun and then up at Mark.
"Where did you get that? Why didn't you tell me you had that with you?"
"There was no reason to show it to you before now. What we need to do now is get their attention out here. Our best bet is to lure them outside so one of us can get inside. Once we free the girls, we can make a run for it. Any ideas on how to get the out of that building?"
Kellie didn't answer Mark. He turned to see why and anger filled his mind all over again. Kellie was at the back of the car, talking to someone on her phone. As he walked back to her, he caught the conversation.
"Listen to me! We are there and they know we are. They are going to kill us if we don't get help! Please Daddy, I need you to do this. It's the only way we will live!"
"What the hell do you think you are doing? Give that freaking phone!"
"No damn you! My father is the only one that can save us now. He has to convince the guards that we are here. They can send help for us if he can do it! Please Mark, trust me. It really is our only hope unless you think you can shoot them both before they shoot us.
Mark looked at her, his anger giving way to reason. What she said made perfect sense. Now all they had to do was convince the guards that her father was telling the truth. Mark nodded at her and reached for the phone.
"Let me talk to him, Kellie. I won't do anything to cause harm to anyone." Kellie handed him the phone and listened. "Listen, this is Callie's husband. We don't have lot of time. You need to give the phone to the guard. Tell him who I am quick and then let me talk."
"Don't you get my daughter killed! She is all I have left in this world."
Mark was taken by her fathers words. The panic in his voice and sincerity were not attributes Mark had ever allowed himself to apply to this man. He realized that this man was not a killer. He was a father, just like Mark. He also wanted only the same thing Mark wanted. He wanted his daughter alive.
"Listen to me and no one we love will die. You need to give the phone to the guard. I will talk to him."Mark heard the phone clanking on the steel bars of the cell. He could hear voices but the were faint. Then a new voice was talking.
"Look buddy, I don't know who you are but this is Bull! Some ploy to get this guy's visit to hell postponed I am sure. Well it isn't..."
"Please listen to me! If you don't, innocent people will die, including my family. I just need you to listen for a minute."
"Talk... you got three minutes," was all Mark needed to hear.
I am Mark Talsman. My wife and daughters were thought to have been murdered by that man you are watching. He told his daughter, who is with me that he thought my family might still be alive. HE was Right! I found them here in Laredo. They are alive but they are being held in a cage by the two men that took them from me. That man you are watching never killed anyone. Whether he lives or dies matters little to me right now. I am not trying to save him. I am trying to save my family and his daughters life."
"Why should I believe any of this? I don't know if you are just killing time here."
"What in God's name would I have to gain from that!? Tell me what!? Please call the Laredo police and get them to the East side of..."
Suddenly a shot rang out and echoed off of the steel walls.The bullet lodged just 25 feet from Mark's head. He dropped down to the ground quickly. "Do you hear that!? That is gunfire and someone is trying to kill me and his daughter. I am going to hold the phone up to the air and you can decide. But whatever you decide, do it fast!"
Mark held the phone in the air for the guard to listen. "Hey buddy... I nearly took your head off. I think I like this. I might play with you for a while. Or maybe I will just shoot your girlie's for your entertainment. Look pretty boy, I have the one I call Blondie out here with me." Mark peeked around the corner and saw Tara. He winced at seeing the man holding her by the neck. "See, isn't she pretty? She is sort of my favorite, you might say. Now I could shoot her real fast if you like, just for fun. What do you think?"
Mark heard the hammer click back on the gun. His heart was beating so fast and so hard that it hurt his chest. "No!!! No, don't shoot her. What do you want me to do?"
"I want you to come out here and show me you got nothing to shoot me with. I don't know how you found us but I think there will be a killing in a certain prison today!"
Mark heard Kellie cry out when she heard her Uncle. She was going to yell at him to not hurt her father. Mark grabbed her and again stifled her voice before she could speak.
"No, listen to me. They don't know you are here. He all but just said so. We finally have something good on our side. See if the guard is still on the phone." Mark tossed her the phone. Kellie out it to her ear and spoke.
"Are you there! Helloooo, is anybody on the phone???"
"I heard it all and have called the Laredo police. They should be there in like 10 minutes or so. Just stay whee you are and keep this line open for as long as you can."
"Mark, they are sending someone to help. Should be here in 10 or so minutes. We only have to hold them off until the police get here!"
Kellie's Uncle shot again, this one grazing Marks shoulder. He fell backwards from the impact of the bullet. Kellie rushed over to him and quickly put her hand over the wound.
"You are hurt Mark. We need to get you somewhere I can tie a tourniquet around your shoulder."
"Lets just concentrate on getting out of here alive, then we can worry about me."
"Hey my friend... watch this!"
Mark looked around the building. In horror, he watched the gun being pointed at Tara's head. Mark looked down for a split second. He heard his daughters voice again. The same sound that he had heard a thousand times in his sleep.
"Daddy, help me please! Please Daddy, don't let him shoot me. Pleaseeeeeesee!!!!"
And then the shot rang out. Mark watched as his little girl slumped forward and fell to the ground. Her body strewn down like she was nothing more than a rag doll. He dropped to his knees, his eyes flooding the ground with his tears. "Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! God no, don't let this happen. Pleaseeeeee!" His sobs were very loud. Kellie cried with him as she looked out at the body laying in the middle of the road.
"One down and two to go, buddy! Unless of course you want to show yourself to me, Now!!!!!"
Mark, barely able to move, walked out from behind the building. He motioned for Kellie to stay where she was. "We still have to kill this Monster, Kellie. Wait for my signal and then run out to distract him. When he looks at you, I will shoot him. Do not hesitate when I tell you to run!"
Mark walked out in clear sight of Kellie's Uncle. He held his hands high above his head, the gun concealed in his back pocket. He was half way to where Tara's body laid when he yelled. "Now Kellie, Now! Run for your life!"
Kellie's Uncle, shocked to see her run out from behind the building, raised his gun and fired. The bullet flew directly at Kellie and ripped through her knee. She screamed out and kept running as fast as she could. Mark took aim and fired at her Uncle...


Anonymous said...

This is so good and I have to wait until you finish part 6. I don't know if I can. This reminds me of Abduction, thrilling and full of suspense. The only difference is I could finsih the book right away. A few typo's but who cares. It's great. Can't wiat for part 6.

Anonymous said...

I WANT MORE..... KEEP IT COMING. this is great stuff. Faye

Darrel said...

Linda, hugsss to you and thank you for reading this. I am so enjoying andthinking of putting a novel together of short stories. I love that you compare this to Abductions suspense and thank you for that. Always, Darrel

Faye I thaank you for your words here also. They mean a great deal to me and keep me encuraged to write agin. Hugsss and thank you so much. Always. darrel

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