Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Today, I will write about something you will see ONLY today. I do not like politics in my blogs as we are all individuals and have the right to vote how we wish. I come against actors and singers and anyone that uses their position in the lime-light to promote their own intentions or political stand, as if we were too stupid to think for our own selves. I will not use my blog to do what I condemn other for doing.
My Purpose for writing today is not about the men and women running for offices through out the United States. This is for our boys In Iraq and Afghanistan and Saudi and Korea and anywhere else we may have soldiers fighting for Freedom. It isn't relevant whose Freedom they are fighting to give or preserve. Whether they are trying to free a country or watch the borders of our own great country, they are out there. They are putting their lives on the line for so many reasons. Fighting to give freedom to countries Oppressed by their leaders. Stepping forward because their country has asked them to do so. Proudly displaying our Freedom Flag for all the world to see. The Stars and Stripes waving in the wind to offer Freedom to any country that is not able to experience the Freedom of choice that we in America take so often for granted.
Since the fight for freedom of slaves, the war with the French, our fore-fathers taking back or holding on to the freedom that so many died to give to us. World War 1and World War 2, a nation that gave so many lives in Viet Nam and at Midway. Soldiers that I am so proud of and that I am proud to call Our heroes. These brave men and women fought also for the very reason I am writing today. They fight today in foreign lands to assure our safety and for one other VERY important reason. They have ALL given to us, fought for OUR right to live Free in a democracy. To raise our children in the Land of the Free and to know freedom that few other countries know. A freedom that we Do way to often just Assume we will always have. I guess time will tell on THAT issue.
Today... we have that right sitting in front of us. Your personal vote is not an issue here to me, nor is mine to you. If you do NOT exercise your right to vote today, then what are you saying, what are WE saying as a Free nation to ALL of those brave men and women that died so many wars ago? What are we speaking to the Heroes that are fighting for us today? Let us not be a people that let All those lives that have lived and died for us on the battlefields be for not. We are Free to vote today Because of them. We are a free Nation because our brave men and women have made us so. Today, when you exercise your freedom, take a moment and say a silent prayer for our Soldiers. Pray for their safe return home. Pray for their safety while they are away fighting. And say "THANK YOU" to each and every one of them as I am doing HERE today. I will thank them and pay homage to them one more time today when I Vote.
DON'T Let this one get away! THANK YOU to ALL of our Soldiers. And I pray God Blesses America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Always, Darrel


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