Sunday, January 11, 2009

A romantic heart

Today I am going to write to you from the romantics heart. A heart that is so different from the man who has never known a heart like this. Not sure if it is a gift or a curse but I do know, it is mine. It is descriptive and colorful. It sees things through different eyes and desires only to make people smile and feel good about themselves and their lives. This heart gives everything they have within themselves even at the cost of their own sanity.
Now understand that this does not mean that people do not have romantic moments in which they take their loved one to a beautiful place for dinner and then spend the evening letting that person know how special they are. That happens every single day. But the romantic heart has "romantic" days and weeks and years. Every song they hear, every time they see a bird or flower, they think "how wonderful it would be to share this." To touch you, it is always a caress and not simply a hand brushing over yours. There is so much of a difference, there truly is. The very thought of someone dear fully engulfs them to the point that their brains simply no longer control them in any way. I really don't know that their brains ever have control. They simply step in for a moment but always the romantic is waiting to step forward as soon as possible.
What about the way the romantic heart sees the world? Is it different from they heart that waits for Valentines day or an Anniversary before they do something special for the one they love? The romantic sees every single day as Valentines Day. There is no reason for waiting. In the beauty of the Spring time, red and blue and purple colors spring forth from the ground, once covered in pure white snow. The flowers causing the romantic to see them as gifts to give to someone they love. The smell of a chimney, smoke rising from it's walls, spreading the fragrance of pine burning in the fireplace through out the air. The warmth we know in sitting in front of the fireplace, our lover in our arms, sipping hot cocoa and feeling love from just a single glance. A kiss that is warm and tender, not harsh or demanding brings out the fever within us and causes us to want to give and give of ourselves. Every color of Autumn, every snowfall, the snow-flakes huge and covering the bare ground, making the worlds seem clean and pure. In both the snow and the the orange and yellows and lightly colored green leaves, rush to the ground and gently change the bareness to what appears to be a carpet of hues that accent all that surrounds it.
The shoreline, racing up to touch your feet, caressing your toes and making you smile a bit. The moon is full and offers itself to you for light. The breeze is slight and gives you reason to hold your lover close to you as you sit on a blanket, sharing the scenery of trees and white caps that light up in the moons beams. A kiss stolen in the night and whisper that says how you feel. The whole world is one huge romance waiting to happen, sharing with your lover the beauty that heaven has painted for you.
The romantic sees a simple walk in the forest as a prelude to an evening of love. This heart believes that everything beautiful was created for the heart to take and make another heart feel wonderful. No Sunrise nor Sunset ever allowed to finish without breathing in the allurement of it's enchanting sight. To rise early and walk through the forest, hand in hand, nature's glowing scene, intoxicating both of your minds with the sense of love and desire. The water gently flows over the rocks, mimicked only in mind by tender love and touching. Soft, slow, never abrasive or harsh in any way, but sweet and soft as the water.
Songs... every song matching an emotion, every emotion brings forth a song. A song played again and again, filling the heart with such a beauty, words spoken that the heart takes and gives to their lover, opening their eyes so they can see how truly beautiful they are. Giving your eyes to her mind so they can see what you see. The romantic heart ALWAYS loving, sometimes more than one. The romantic heart, taking from the world some of it's ugliness and giving back to it, beauty. As one of the most beautiful love songs says "Give her rain and she will find a rainbow, give her thorns and she will find a Rose...... Just see the Love she found in me.
Is this heart a blessing or a curse? The heart that loves everyone and sees wonder and laughter and smiles, even through tears. The one that says "Every single minute of every day is Valentines for me. Every moonlit night created for my use and all the Sunrises and Every single Sunset, made just for me. Made so that I can love many and never let anyone feel as if they are not the most precious Gem in the World. That is the romantic heart. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!


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