Monday, February 2, 2009

A Family on the Run. 2nd part

The gas station was secluded enough that Allyn felt safe stopping. He filled both tanks on the vehicle and then joined his family inside. The rain was subsiding some and that was something to be thankful for. They bought mostly things in cans and sealed bags as Allyn thought they might be spending a lot of time in the van. They stocked up on drinks also and 5 gallons of fresh water, some of it to be used to cleanse themselves in case they could not get to a shower soon.
"We could just cover our bodies in soap and stand outside, Dad."
Allyn looked at Tim and smiled. The ladies laughed along and Allyn smiled at Diana. It was the first relaxed moment they shared in at least a week. The clerk watched as they collected all of their goods. He raised his eyebrow and Allyn stopped and stared.
"There is a grocery store just about 5 miles up the road. I guess you could have saved a bunch going there. Just thought I would mention it."
"What town is coming up? We did not see a sign."
"Yea, it isn't marked so good. They like to surprise folks I guess. Good for our business though. Davenport is the name of it. Iowa is a nice state to be in."
"Yes, it seems to be. Well, thank you for the heads up. We are going to get going."
They climbed in the van and started out again. Allyn began thinking about the events that had happened after they returned home on that night. The police had been adamant about the fact there had been no crime committed. To much so Allyn had thought. That night, as they slept, they were awakened to a loud noise outside their home. When he reached the kitchen, he could see the flames in the dining room. The flames were already to high to put out. As he woke everyone, a crash was heard near the front door. Allyn had opened the door to find the bodies of the two kids Sherry had seen killed. On the girl was a note that read, "This is you by morning." All that he could think of was getting his family out of the house and safe. As they reached the front lawn, a car pulled up next to them. The window rolled down and a man pointed at them.
"To bad your daughter had to go walking. All we wanted to do was quiet some nosey kids. Now... we have to quiet a whole family. Allyn saw the man moving his arm to the window. He grabbed a shovel he had left in the yard from the weekend. winging it at the vehicle, he caught the mans hand as it came out the window. Knocking a gun from his hand, Allyn pushed the shovel through the window. The blade caught the man in the neck, cutting him deep. The driver looked at the man sitting beside him, then at Allyn.
"Do you know why we were killing those kids? Do you!!??? We did it because they were goody-kids. They wanted to stop drug sales! One of their little friends died from them. SO What!!! They went to the cops but guess what!! We were the ones arresting people and reselling their stuff. You can't go to anyone! This goes higher than you could know!"
"Why are you telling us this! Why would you do that!?"
The man looked at Allyn and smiled. "Because... you are a dead family walking! I'll be back!"
The blaring of a horn and the cars headlights blinding Allyn brought him back to the present. He swerved to the right and barely missed the other car.
"God Allyn, where the hell were you???"
"I am sorry, Diana. I was thinking about what got us here. We have to reach Omaha and see Frank Darnell. He is a good Cop and he is the only one I would trust. We should be there by morning."
"And then what Dad? Keep hiding until they figure out who is good and who is bad!? We will never be done running until we are dead!!!"
"You stop that, young lady! Your father knows what he is doing. You have to trust him right now. If you don't, then we might all be dead."
Allyn reached over and took Diana's hand. He wanted nothing else in the world than to get his family somewhere safe. They were the only thing in the world that mattered to him. As he smiled at Diane, his eyes caught the reflection of red tail-lights. He watched in the rear-view mirror as the car he had nearly ran into slowed to a stop. Diana saw his eyes widen as he looked back at the car.
"What is wrong, Allyn? Why do have that look on your face?"
"It's probably nothing, sweetheart. Just someone that took the wrong road."
Diana looked out the back window, as did Tim and Sherry.
"That guy is turning around Dad! He is coming back this way! He knows who we are? OH My God, he is coming after us!!!"
"We don't know that, Sherry! You need to calm down. We are a very long ways from home. There is no way that they could possibly have found us."
"Uh Dad..."
"What is it Tim!? Allyn's voice was straining as he talked.
"That car is catching up with us. He must be going 100 miles an hour. I think Sherry is right!?"
"O.k., kids, buckle up and hang on. We are going to take the next side road I see. It might get rough."
"D-a-a-a-a-a-d! He is almost here! Dear God, we are going to die!!!"
Just as Allyn was about to tell Sherry to shut up, he felt the vehicle lunge forward. The headlights of the other vehicle had disappeared because so little distance was between their vehicles. Allyn felt the van swerve towards the side of the road. He held on for all he had and tried to keep the van on road. All that laid in front of them were trees and a man chasing them to kill his family. Again, he felt the vehicle shoved hard from behind. It veered off towards the tall stand of tree's. Allyn could not hold the steering wheel any longer...


mrsbrian said...

you stopped just when i wanted more, I am so impressed with your story writing,it always leaves me wanting more.The story draws you in and picks the intrest, very good story.

Darrel said...

I think sometimes that you are too kind to me. Thank you for your words of encouragement. I almost deleted this one as unsure of its worth. thank you soooo much... always, D

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