Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Family on the Run. 5th part

"I thought this man was your friend Dad!? He just locked us up in a huge cell. What do you classify as a friend!?"
Allyn stood staring at his daughter. He himself had no idea what to say. It was Diana that spoke out. "You do not speak to your father that way, young lady! He did what he thought was going to be best for us! I am sure Frank just wants to keep us away from people that want us dead."
"Why did they let that man go Dad? HE did try to kill us."
"I know he did Son. I am trying to sort it all out too. I hope that 25 years of knowing a man and trusting him pays off. Frank has always been true to his honor and I trust him to be that this time."
"People change Dad."
"Not Frank, Tim. We went through the Gulf War together. When he was ordered to pull back, we still had men in the field. Frank turned off his radio and led 12 men through that hot desert to bring them back. He took a bullet in his left shoulder saving one man. That man would have died if not for Frank. He lost his commission and was downgraded to a Sargent. It took a lot out of him and he left the service a year later."
"Well, I am glad for the man or men he saved but it still doesn't mean he hasn't changed."
"Tim... I trust in him because that man he took the bullet for, was me."
"I would really like to bring them to you myself. I don't know who is and who isn't and I want to know that you get them. I will leave within the Hour so that puts us to you tomorrow around noon. And Sheriff... when you get them, I do not want to know. Are you understanding me?"
"I read you loud and clear, Frank. I will give you the ummm, reward money when you get here."
"Don't insult me!! I don't want your money. Just clean this mess up and be done with me."
Frank hung the phone up and went down the hall. He asked Leo, one of his most trusted officers and a good friend to help him make the delivery. Leo had never questioned Frank's actions before and he would not do so now. Frank depended on that loyalty. He walked into the holding cell room. An officer was half asleep, sitting at his desk. Frank kicked the chair and almost knocked the officer on the floor.
"Get up and open the cell door. Then go find something to do before I cite you for sleeping on the job!"
The officer opened the cell, layed the keys on the desk and made a hasty retreat. Frank walked into the cell and began removing the handcuffs from the family. He avoided their eyes as each one stepped away from him. He finally reached for Allyn's cuffs. Allyn pulled away from him.
"Stand still so i can get those cuffs off, please."
"What, we are not hardened criminals now? You think we might be safe to be around?"
"Please Allyn, you have to trust me. Until we are on the road, there is little more than I can say to you."
Allyn held his hands out and Frank removed the cuffs. Sherry walked over to Frank and slapped his face. Frank did not move but Allyn did.
"No Sherry, this isn't the way to do things."
"My father trusted you! HE believed in you and this is how you repay that trust!? You are no better than the men who tried to kill us!"
"I need to take you all to Ohio. I am returning you to the Sheriff there."
Diana could believe the words she was hearing. Her mouth sat agape as she listened to Frank talk. She looked over at Allyn and saw the look of shock written all over his face. This man that he had trusted with his life, his families life was nor betraying him. She felt a terrible sadness for the man she loved so much.
"Allyn, Diana..." his voice was a whisper now, "You will just have to draw on that trust and stand by it. I can't say anything more here."
He led them out of their cell and Leo followed him out to the police van that they were driving to Ohio. Frank signed the out and after everything was secure they were on their way to Ohio. The rain threatened to come back and the sky was beginning to darken. It would be nightfall very soon.
"Leo, open the cage so that I can talk to Allyn, please." Leo did as he was asked without question. Allyn moved forward so he was seated directly behind Frank and Leo.
"I thank you for trusting me, Allyn. I would not ever let a friend down. I think you knew that."
"I did, Frank. We go back way to far and have seen to much together. But I need to ask you something. What are we doing going back to Ohio. You know they will kill us as soon as they can."
"The only way I can get close enough to help you is to be directly in front of this Sheriff and his people."
"What about him?" Allyn nodded towards Leo.
"Allyn, this is Leo. HE is my most trusted officer and also the God Father to my children. His loyalty and friendship is as good as it gets. I trust him with my life. Once we get to Ohio, I will arrange a meeting with the Sheriff. I need to get him away from his helpers to be effective. You will be safe with Leo when I am at the meeting. I will gather as much information as i can and then try and arrest him. Leo will be hearing everything through a wire I am wearing. HE will contact the local paper and television station to be at the jail when we arrive. The media will make it a safe place for us."
They had traveled for 6 hours and the van needed gas. Frank turned into a small gas station. There was a little mom and pop cafe attached to the station. He fueled the van and bought a few snacks for the rest of the trip. The family went over to the cafe and ate a quick meal. It tasted fabulous and was the first real sit down meal they had eaten in weeks. Frank told them it was time to go and they all returned to the van. They had gone an hour down the road. Frank spotted two cars turn on to the road from out of no where. He had not seen them when he passed the spot they came out of. He watched as the cars got closer.
"What is it, Frank?"
"The credit card!"
"What are you talking about."
"I used the stations credit card to get the gas. That means that if someone wanted to know where we were they would know from the station. Two cars just appeared out of no-where and I don't think it is just a coincidence. I need all of you to lay flat on the floor back there just in case."
Without a word, Allyn and his family snuggled together on the floor of the van. Frank saw the flashing lights go on in his rear view mirror. He knew that stopping would not be an option. Who-ever was behind him had no intentions of merely stopping the van. His experiences in life had made it easy for him to know trouble when it was upon him. These cars were definitely trouble, with a capital T. The cars were now close. One pulled along side the drivers door while the other got as close to the back end without touching the van. The cop in the car next to Frank's window motioned for Frank to pull over. Frank shook his head no and kept driving. The officer held up his revolver and motioned again for him to pull the van off the road. Frank again refused. The officer aimed his revolver at Frank and just as Frank slammed on the brakes he heard the gun fire. The red flame from the gun was easily seen in the darkness that had blanketed the outside. The bullet caught the front panel of the van. It did no harm to the van but the car behind was not so lucky. Frank felt the impact of the second car as it slammed into the back of the van. Screams filled the van and Allyn's family was sent sliding into the rear of the van. Tim's head slammed into the door and he was knocked out. The van door flew open and Allyn and Diana watched as the car slowed down and then burst into flames. They could see the drivers head bouncing off the steering wheel. Suddenly the car was engulfed in flames and exploded. Allyn pulled Diana into his chest and reached out for the door. He pulled it shut and slid back up front. The second cop was still firing at the van. One of the bullets whizzed past Frank and struck Leo in the arm. He winced with pain and used his good arm to aim his gun at the other car. Bullets screaming past Frank entered the other car. One hit the driver in the neck. HE grabbed where the bullet had entered and then the car turned sharply to the left. It's wheels skidded for a hundred yards before grabbing the road. In an instant, it flipped over side after side until it stopped, upside down on the highway. Unable to turn fast enough, the van hit the car straight on. The flames licked the windshield of the van as Frank sped up. He shoved the car to the side and never slowed down.
"Is everyone alright back there!?"
"We are good back here. Tim was knocked out for a minute but he is fine now. Just a headache I suppose."
"It is obvious that they do not want you back alive. We are going to go to Ed Landon's house when we reach Akron. He is the D.A. there. As trusted a friend as Leo. He will finish this for us. We will need to get that arm looked at too, Leo"
There was no response form Leo. Frank shook him and Leo fell forward. Frank saw the blood running down Leo's face. He stopped the van and look at Leo. the bullet had skimmed across Leos brow, enough to knock him out.
"Is he alright!!!!??"
"We need to move him back with you, Sherry. I need you to keep pressure on his arm wound. Allyn, you can ride up front with me. This my friends, is going to be a rough road..."


Anonymous said...

How can you stop at this point. Hurry up and write another chapter. I'll be thinking about what may happen next until then.

Linda H

Donna said...

What? Why stop here? This really had me going. It's one of the stories that you don't want to stop reading.
Love it,Love it!!!

Darrel said...

Well, smilessss, I don't want to write so much that it bores anyone. It is supposed to be a short story. I am glad that it is leqaving you wanting as I think a story should. Thank you so much for reading this. It always encourages me. Always, Darrel

Darrel said...

There will be more tomorrow and i am glad you are enjoying this as much as i am enjoying writing it for you. Stay tuned for more tomorrow. Smiless and hugssssss to you Ms. Donna. Always, Darrel

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