Friday, March 13, 2009

When White meets Black... Chapter 7

Jess used everything she had within her and tried to stand back up. Ryan's body was strong but she was taking so much from him to keep Joshua subdued.
"I will not let you Die, Ryan. I can not do that! Just hold on for a little longer and I will give you your body back.'
Mark kicked the door as hard as he could. It was not budging for him. He found an axe and brought it to the door. He began hacking at it as fast as he could. There was light coming out through the splintered door that made Mark chop away at the door with the ferocity of a mad-man. He could see inside the room now. Mark reached through the hole he had made and unlocked the door. He opened the door and stood there in awe at what he saw. On a pull-out bed was the body of Joshua. His body laid motionless and appeared asleep or dead. Mark walked over to the body. He heard a sound behind him. He turned to See what the noise was and he looked directly into the eyes of all the women that had been caged. Their faces were fixed with anger and hatred but the fear was gone. Mark tried to hold them back but they were to much for him. He watched as the one that seemed to be leading the group stepped forward. She pulled a knife out of her shirt and touched the blade to Joshua's body.
"This is for all the women and children that this monster, this freak has hurt, raped or sold, all for his own pleasures and gains!
Mark tried to reach for the knife and was met by a wall of women and a sharp blade held to his neck. The leader glared at Mark. "If you try to stop us or help this man in anyway, I Will Kill you!! We have earned the right to do this! Now step back or join him!
Mark moved away, unable to do anything more than watch.
"Do it Angelica... cut that worthless creature!" came a shout from the crowd. "Hurt him like he hurt us and so many others!"
Angelica sliced across his belly and then watched the blood begin to run down his side. She turned and handed the knife to the next girl in line.
Back at the car, Jess watched as Joshua suddenly screamed out. He grabbed his side and then his stomach. Jess watched as Joshua pulled at an unseeable something near where his heart was. He writhed across the ground and he seemed to be fighting an invisible foe.
"What is happening to him Jess!?!
"Mark must have found Joshua's body. I can only guess that he is torturing him right now. There is little we can do for him now except sit and watch to see what happens."
Joshua tried to rip at his legs and arms but nothing he did stopped the terrible pain that was being inflicted on him. "Your brother will pay for this with his miserable life. I am going back to my body and kill him before I come back and finish this little battle of ours!"
"Oh no you are not! You are not going any-where!" Jess raced over to Joshua's image and wrapped her arms him tightly. "As long as someone or something is touching you, you can not return to your body. I am not letting go of you until this is finished!"
Joshua tried to pull away but he was too weak. "So this is how it ends, is it!? I really thought I would go out with more of a bang. You enjoy your life, Jess. And for what it means to you, I did love you. I really did."
Jess watched as red became the main color of Joshua's image. It faded faster and faster until he was no longer visible.
"That is the end of him, Ryan. I will give you your body back now. Thank you for the use of it." Jess's projection materialized in front of Ryan."Come and get me now, love. I will be waiting for you outside the warehouse."
"I am on my way to you now!"
Ryan drove to the warehouse where Jess's body had been. He saw her standing outside, waiting for him as she said she would be. He stopped the car and flung the door open and ran to her. Ryan cupped her chin in his palm, his fingers gently caressing her skin. He looked deep into her green eyes and brushed the hair away from her face. Leaning forward, Ryan tenderly kissed Jess. She returned the kiss with passion as she pulled Ryan tighter against her. Her hand went around the back of his head and she kissed him deep.
"What took you so long, Love?" She smiled as he shook his head.
"I had some car trouble. It kept freezing up on me."
They both laughed and then went to the warehouse next to them. Inside they found Mark sitting silently on the floor beside Joshua's lifeless body. He looked up at them with an empty stare.
"I could not stop them, but maybe I didn't want to." Tears ran down his face as he stood to greet his sister."
"I am glad you did not, Mark. It was really what saved our lives." Ryan put a hand out to help Mark stand. He looked to his left and saw no less than 30 ladies, blood on everyone of them, standing, waiting to go home.
The sirens were now a block away. They all went outside to meet them. There would be a lot of questions asked, some that would be fabricated, for to tell the truth would only add more questions. It didn't seem needed to any of them...



Faye said...

Amazing end. Amazing imagination.

Darrel said...

Thank you so much for reading this and I thank you for the wonderful compliment. It always means so much to me. Hugsss to you, Always, Darrel

Anonymous said...

I loved the ending although it seemed like forever to get there. The entire story was full of suspense until the very end. Love the ending, happy endings are my favorite. Another great story.

Linda H

Anonymous said...

ok well that was awsome. you should write more stories likethis one. scifi seems to be your thing

Darrel said...

Thank you very much for reading this and yourcomments. I do enjoy writing things a little more sci-fi as the sky is the limit for where one can go. thank you again... Always, Darrel

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