Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Desert Snow... Pt 4

Marlene and the rest of them were led away to a small camp. As they walked, the Dragon continued to sweep the sand with it's breath. As it did, the sand turn to ice crystals. Behind the dragon were large trucks that looked to be World War II vintage. Bulldozers picked the frozen sand and loaded it into the trucks. They watched in amazement at what the were seeing.
"I have seen the world over more times than I can count. I have never seen any creatures like what we are seeing here."
"Dan, this isn't anything of this world, I can tell you that!"
"Please, please be careful what you say, Marcus. That thing can hear what we say. Hell, she or it... whatever it is, can read our thoughts. The last thing I want is to be on the bad side of it."
"We can't just stop thinking, Bernie." Dan looked at Marcus. "It just came to me, Marcus. You are walking and there are no marks on you. How the.."
"They touched me and it was done, Dan. I wasn't going to argue with them."
"Them? Who was them, Marcus?"
"The woman that came to get us, Marlene. They were all beautiful and all touched hands to make me well."
"Bernie, didn't you take some classes concerning the power of mind healing?"
"I did, Marlene, long ago."
"That has to be what they did to Marcus. Can you do the same thing, Bernie?"
"Sometimes. It doesn't always work. It takes a lot of practice and closing your mind off to make it happen."
"But can you do it!?"
"I think so. I haven't tried it in years. I can't promise you anything. Why are you asking?
They sat down near a tent that was set up near a watering hole. Marlene made the motion for them to be silent and pointed at the sand. She began to write in the sand. She hoped that Sharu was busy again and was not listening to them. That was how she and Dan had caught her off guard the first time. All being knowledgeable in Hieroglyphics, they watched as Marlene "signed" them her thoughts. She wanted to somehow appear as powerful as Sharu. It was a huge risk but she felt the baby would keep her safe somehow. After she finished her drawings, she waited to see if Sharu would appear. When she did not, she knew they were safe to talk.
"We don't have long. She could stop to listen anytime. If one of you would hurt themselves, nothing serious, just enough to be visable, Bernie could stand close enough to me to make it appear that I had healed the wound. That might give me enough of an edge to get closer to the others and find a way out of here."
"It sounds like a suicide mission to me, Marlene. We need to really think on this."
"We don't have time to think on this Dan! Trust me on this one!"
"I can't promise anything, Marlene and I won't be responsible for yours or anyone elses death! You are asking to much here!"
"Too much! You think that Bernie? Come here and place your hand on my stomach."
Bernie did as Marlene asked. The men saw the look of shock in Bernie's eyes. She held her hand there and reached back and took Dan's hand. Placing it on Marlene's stomach, Marcus saw the same look in Dan's eyes as he had seen in Bernie's.
"What is it!? What do you feel? Are you sick, Marlene!?"
Bernie turned and looked at Marcus. "Not sick, sweetie. Marlene is pregnant."
"We knew that from the Amazon, Marlene, but I thought you were only just pregnant?"
"I was, Love. Something about this place has caused a change inside of me. Sharu knew it would. That is why she told me to take care. She knows this baby will be born soon."
"Soon? Define soon for me because last I read, 7 months was soon. Eight months is soon. What soon are you talking about?"
"From the feeling inside of me, Dan, soon will be very soon. We have got to find a way to get out of here. If not, then this baby will not be ours to raise."
"What are these things? They are not human!"
"Oh, I think they are very human, Marcus. The most advanced of humans. They imagine it and it becomes reality. At least in part."
"In part? Do you want to explain that, Bernie?"
"In my studies, I learned that the mind can cause images to appear... a mirage if you will. These images can sustain solidity for a time and even be used to do things. I think these people share the same depth of mind use as did the people of Atlantis."
"That was a myth, Bernie!"
"Did you see that freaking Dragon out there, Marcus?!?! Did you see the creatures in the water!? Those are myths too! Those aren't suppose to exist anymore than you think Atlantis did! But there they are! I think these people share that same quality and power of mind suggestions. They use it to build and work the desert."
"All of this means what to us, Bernie?"
"It means that that baby inside of you possesses that same mind set simply because it's all part of this place we are in. That power transfers to you, Marlene. You simply have to reach inside your self and use it."
Marlene looked at Bernie. It was all so ridiculous that it made sense to her. She turned towards a sand dune behind their tent. As she stared at it, the sand dune began to shift. It gathered around itself and began to form what appeared to be a bird of sorts. Not just any bird. In moments, a Phoenix, another mythical creature of fire that was immortal. As it completed it's transformation, it screeched loudly, then as suddenly as it appeared, it was gone.
"Oh my God! You did it! You really did it!"
"We did it," Marlene replied, rubbing her stomach tenderly. "Our baby and I did it, Dan."
Suddenly, above them on a hill stood Sharu. The heat was all over her body again. They covered their faces to shield their eyes.
"What was that sound!? What did I just hear? Tell me now or simply die. All of you!"


Donna said...

Very interesting !!
I may have to wait until Monday to read more, but I know that this story will be on my mind while I'm away (if I go)
Thank you, Darrel for sharing your talent with us.

sue brown said...

this is so awesome darrel i cant wait for the next part lol

Darrel said...

thank you as always for reading these. I hope that you find a million reasons to smile. Hugs, Darrel

Darrel said...

Thank you so very much for your kind words. They mean so much to me. Always, Darrel

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