Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Forest Has Ears... Part 3

Karen slept while Ellie drove. Ellie knew the way to where Karen wanted to go. It was the same place their parents had taken them when there was danger. A place that was circled by all the elements so important to a witches world. The forest protected them from peering eyes, even the eyes that did not need be beside you to see you. Inside the forest was a lake surrounded by more trees and fertile soil. Just beyond the lake burned an eternal flame.Not a flame that could be explained but none the less, a searing heat that could turn to ashes anything within 100 feet of it's flame. All the elements present... Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Few had ever been there and fewer even knew it existed. It was near dark when they arrived.
"Karen, you need to wake up, Sis. We are here."
"So soon? I feel like we just started driving."
The tall Cedars reached to the sky and made a canopy that shielded the Forest floor from nearly all light. They walked with their belongings until they found the small cabin that was nestled against the trees. Tiny shards of light still filtered through and made it appear as if the cabin were lit up itself.Pine cones arrayed the trees like Christmas ornaments and the ground was plush with grass like a carpet. They went inside and tried to get settled.
"We are going to be here for awhile, Ellie. I am sorry for this but it really is the safest place for us. The spell that Mom placed on the Forest here still exist. Only those we wish to see us can see us here."
"Melody has gotten stronger, Sis. I could feel her presence even outside the van. She knows where we are."
"I have no doubt that she does. Foolishly, we talked Mom into allowing us to bring her here when we were growing up. Mom seldom let her guard down but twice she did. The second time cost her dearly."
"Must we always dwell on the things that are gone now?"
"Gone? Nothing is ever truly gone, Ellie. It just moves on to another plaine. You know that. You know that. We have to remember or we will be caught off-guarde and then we lose. I have called on Jennifer and Alesha. They should be here within the hour."
"If melody hasn't found them and killed them."
"I placed a protective ring around them. They will be safe. In fact, they are here."
"Yes, I feel them too."
Jennifer and Alesha entered the cabin. The girls all hugged and greeted one another.
"The stories going around the different covens are that you are both dead. Killed by Melody because you betrayed the coven. It is total calamity out there. Witches vieing for your positions and some claiming they have your wand. Some even say they took in your aura and now have your powers. The coven is in complete disarray."
"Well, we all know that none of it is true,Alesha. Now we have to figure out how we are going to fix this."
"We need to know more, Karen. How can we really be of assistance when we don't even know what truly happened?"
"You are right, Jenn.I guess it's time to tell the tale. Some you know. My father and mother were both witches. Generation witches from further back than I need to go. Mother, like me, entered her Eldership at a very young age. As everyone knows,there are good and bad witches. The birth of a new witch is always followed very closely. When I was born, everyone knew. Ellie had been born first but she carried only a part of mother with her. For whatever reason, I was given more of her gift and the Craft was deeper embedded inside of me.I grew strong quickly and my "Book of Shadows" which any witch knows is truly a diary of sorts for us, thickened with spells and rituals and was my workbook, much like your own school books. When mother realized that the dark Craft were trying to take me from her, she created this place as a hiding place for us. Angering some very powerful witches, she and Father were killed. Ellie had the wisdom to hide me away until I came of age. She brought in witches and teachers to enhance my Craft until I was of age.
Years later, after I married and had my own children, Melody, the daughter of one of the Elders that sought me, waited for her chance and took my husband and children. Derek was only semi-protected because he was not a full witch. We did not perform the "great Rite" for marriage because he was only half witch. His mother was Christian. Whether she truly had the power to destroy him, I do not know. My daughter was very strong in her craft also and though the police said they found 3 bodies, I never saw the bodies close."
"You think they might still be alive?"
"I only know I never saw the bodies, Jenn. Where we are now is this. If we do not find a way to stop Melody, she will kill each one of us and take the Coven as her own. The balance of nature and of witches world-wide would be tossed so off balance that none would know for sure who was or who wasn't true. That opens the doorway to all sorts of bad things. Witches will begin doing as they please for good or bad. The world will re-open their eyes and the witch hunts will be little different from those of long ago. What man fears, he kills. Not a good thing for us."
"What can we do do stop Melody? They say she is as powerful as you are."
"Her strengths are great but weakened by her anger. She feels I am the reason her mother died. She truly hates me."
"You did kill her, right?"
"She did NOT kill her, Jenn!!!!" She gave her the option to step down and allow good witches to take the Coven. Anastasia chose to not listen and Karen used her wand to ward off an attack. In the struggle, Anastasia fell to her death. Karen was protecting herself and her family!"
There was a moment from behind the three girls. Books fell to the floor around them. They turned to see Alesha holding Karen's "Book of Shadows." She began to move towards the door. Ellie reached out to stop her. She was tossed across the cabin and fell limp to the floor.
"You can't see!" As soon as Alesha spoke the words, Jennifer cried out and placed her hands over her own eyes. She began clawing at them.
"Stop, Jenn... it is a Magick trick. Nothing more than words!" Karen raced to her side as she watched Alesha run out the door, book in hand. Holding Jennifer's hands so she could not scratch her own eyes out, Karen knew that she had been tricked. She would have to worry about the book and Alesha in a moment. She watched, as suddenly Ellie raised her own wand to the air. Fire and wind came from it and chased out the door after Alesha. Karen simply stood and stared. She had never seen Ellie use her wand and for certain did not know she had such power. A flame lit across the grass as it followed Alesha's path.


Unknown said...

Did you have to stop so soon? I want more.

Darrel said...

you are so good to read these I thank you for that from my heart. Always, Darrel

Angela said...

I was on the treadmill half an hour early just to get to

Well done Darrel

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