Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Where do we draw the line????

As I sit here this morning, enjoying my coffee and thinking about my day, I see once again, the world has not disappointed me. I expect it to surprise me and astonish me... perhaps at times even disgust me and it has come through on all counts again. With Spring here and weather more perfect than I could ask for, I was prepared to sit and write about Spring. And then, something grabbed my attention that made my Spring write pale in it's presence.
Enter "Rapeplay."Yep, you read it right. THIS is the newest game to be introduced by the world. Japan has created and announced the animated game that allows you to be a rapist and in order to WIN, you must plan, attack, rape and then convince a woman to abort the child. If you do not complete every task, you are tossed in front of a train by your victim.
I sit an stare at the words I have written here and think "Really? Someone created a game of such vile disgust, a role play that promotes an act so heinous that we shudder at the very thought? I am reminded very quickly that the Bible says that in the End Days, anything man can imagine, he will be able to create. That Satan will be leashed on us and the anti-Christ will try to destroy all that is good and right. Do we need go much further than THIS!?!?!? IS it possible that we, as a people will truly allow a game that will teach our kids, some possible up and coming rapist and some that need only a little encouragement or Practice to follow through?
What we, as a people have the ability and the responsibility to do, one human to another, is to make certain that this game or anything even close to it, Never, Ever be allowed to be sold. Ban it and go to those that designed this game and take away their rights and ability to ever create another game. We must send a message that THIS is NOT O.k. And that we will NOT sit back and watch this game touch the lives of our people. I can not convey to you the depth of how my mind and heart feel, knowing that a game like this was even "Imagined", let alone that it was made.
We live today in a world that watches violence as a past time on our televisions. We seek out the worst horror movies and the scariest and filthiest movies, because we have become bored with the "you shoot, I shoot him" shows that are available today. We want MORE, More!!!! I am certain, beyond doubt, that if you had an arena, placed 3 or 4 randomly selected "Christians" in the center, added a lion or two and let the battle one another, you would fill the arena daily. Might even have to add a second show in the evening to accommodate all of the people that I Know would go to be a spectator. That is where the level of "what is hot" is today. If you think for one second that if Rapeplay is released, no one will buy it then you are sadly mistaken. It would sell and then, we would have people learning how best to Rape!
Ask yourself if you want your children, your brother or sister, your friends down- loading a game that will show them and allow them to hone up on their rape skills? Where do we draw the line as to what is going to be part of our world? What takes something to place that it is NOT Allowed? I hope your answer is This Game. I can only say this! Please just say NO to this disgusting game. Your mothers, daughters, sisters, friends will become the victims of this horrible game if it is allowed to surface! Do Not Allow this to happen. It might not be "just a game" one day.


Unknown said...

Why does this not surprise me? It horrifies me but does not surprise me. I ran across a Japanese toy (although for children or adults I am not sure) called "Shave the Baby" It is a doll with hair under its arms, has pubic hair and the object
? is to shave the baby. What is wrong with people? I think God needs to clean house.

Darrel said...

I think, dear Lady, that he may just be doing that. It is frightening to see things come to be that could corrupt the minds of a whole world of our next leaders. I pray that those that believe and know the truth are strong enough to stand against such atrocities as this. Thank you for reading and as Always, thank you for your words. Always, Darrel

Sarade said...

What a horrible, horrible game!!! I cannot imagine who in their right mind would want to spend their time creating such a game. And who would want to play it!? Don't these people have wives and moms and daughters?

Darrel said...

Sarade...this is simply a sign of the times. It gets worse and worse and one has to wonder what limits there really are. Are there Any??? God has to be wondering himself! Thank you for reading. Always, Darrel

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