Friday, January 11, 2008

Things I know about the benefits of a walk in the woods

Now you may think that I am going to talk to you about the physical benefits of a nice walk in the woods. There are many healthy reasons for walking as I think we all know. but what I want to talk about is the "mental health" benefits of a nice walk in the woods. Take a look at the pictures I have here. This is where I walk, daily if possible. the scenes before you explode with the sense of serenity. They take you away from the hustle and bustle of our hurried lives, to a place of calm and relaxation. Our lives today are so filled with running place to place, trying to juggle job, family, lifes little messes that pop up and stealing whatever sleep we can gather. The noises of the city, coupled with the stress of making ends meet don't always allow us the true refreshment our minds need to survive.
A walk in the woods, surrounded by only trees, wildlife and the sounds of water running gently over rocks is the perfect get-away for our minds. The wind blowing through the tree leaves and sounds of birds singing is a "Calgon" moment come to life. We can find ourselves letting go of the days craziness... leave behind the bosses frantic screams of "Where is that paperwork!?" A one hour walk, even one you are sure you can not make time for can do more for your frame of mind then most anything I know of.It relieves the tensions that strain your muscles. It allows you the chance to dream and plan and sometimes to just walk. You can return home feeling refreshed and new. the tiredness you feel will be a very satisfactory tiredness. You can sit and focus on things that need your attention now with a renewed sense of thinking. You can slip into bed, the feeling of the mattress and sheets likened to a wonderland.
Walking in the woods gives back to you the feeling you CAN get away from it all, if even for just an hour. The breath you take in while walking is clean and fills your lungs with new life. No-one to yell or fight or command your time. Just nature at it's gentlest, caressing your mind with soothing thoughts and the ability to appreciate lifes quiet moments. That my friend is beneficial to every part of your body and mind. Try it, you will like it. Darrel

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