Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Chistmas Heart...

Christmas Eve... the day before everything explodes in blurs of wrapping paper being torn to sheds and gifts held up long enough to show and then on to the next present. Food will be laid out across the long table and smiling faces will adorn the seats around it. Too many conversations to stay in one very long and laughter drowning out the more meek in speech. Kids trying desperately to finish their plates so they can get back to the more important task of trying out every new toy. There is warmth in the house, but not from the furnace. It is a warmth that comes from with in everyone in the house. A glance at Grandma and Grandpa shows them both sitting quietly, holding hands and simply listening to their kids and grand kids chattering away. Their faces are the picture of contentment.
Food disappears and presents are exchanged, the biggest recipients being G-ma and G-pa. Their gifts show the love that their family holds in their hearts for them. They open each gift with care, no tearing or hurrying, just taking time for each gift. The smiles and thank you's give all the children reasons to smile. The house becomes loud again as the gifts are all gathered and clean-up begins. No one afraid to reach out a hand, some giving their time to entertaining g-ma and g-pa. What a beautiful site to behold.
Now, if you will, let me paint your mind and heart with another Christmas portrait. It is Midnight, Christmas Eve. The onslaught of family has not happened yet. The only sounds are those of the wood crackling in the fireplace. The smells of pine and cinnamon fill the air as you sit, snuggled in a warm blanket and watch the flames go from red to orange to blue and back to red again. The wood turns bright red as the flames lick at it. A shadow dances on the wall, looking like a Hula girl, dancing her best dance for you. Only your finger-tips show and they are lovingly wrapped around the handle of a warm cup of hot cocoa. The picture window is like a huge movie screen, the snowflakes big as quarters are the entertainers. They dance and float and some are captured by a tiny breeze and swept across the stage. The pureness of their white covers looks like a sheet that has been bleached and is now blowing in the wind to dry.
A voice, soft as the breeze itself whispers in your ear. Love words, delicate and sweet, are spoken. The warmth of the fire is only matched now by the glow of your cheeks. You sip your cocoa and listen to the soft coo in your ear. You hold open your blanket and are joined by the one you love. Closing it around you, you feel your hand surrounded and intertwined with another. Snuggling closer, you smile with delight at the words now whispered. None more beautiful, few ever spoken to you this way. The fire slowly dies down and you hold one another closer. The cocoa now gone, a new whisper fills your heart with love and splendor.
The blanket is now opened and two figures stand. Outside the picture window, two deer, one a beautiful Doe, the other... her love. His antlers spread out like a chandelier, his head held high as he looks at his Love. they look at you and you at them and then you watch as they slowly are engulfed by the forest that is your backyard. A special touch and eyes that look into yours, saying "let's go hold one another and meld together, Love... Before the morning comes and the house is filled with our loved ones." You smile gently, a tender touch to your cheek. A door is closed and the world is shut out for now. Tomorrow... It is Christmas Day.
I am wishing you ALL the most beautiful Christmas and may all of your dreams and wishes come true for you. Peace be on Earth and a prayer for Goodwill to All. Pray for our soldiers that will be home in our hearts and theirs. Pray for those that have nowhere to spend their Christmas, that a kind soul finds them and offers them a meal. And pray for our world, as it fights to survive, that one day we no longer need to fight. Take a moment to say Thank you to our Father in heaven for giving to us his own Son. We celebrate the birth of Christ Jesus tomorrow. Remember Him, for he came and he died for Us. Love in him to you All. Darrel

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