Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Family on the Run. The Ending...........

The Sheriff just stared at Frank for a minute as if he were trying to read his mind. He looked down at Allyn. "Don't you go dieing yet. I want your family to enjoy that moment. As for me, I just want to prove you Can die. Some of the people paying me are beginning to believe you can't." He motioned for one of the deputies to turn the T.V. on. "Let's see what is on the "tube" that you think would interest me, Frank."
The deputy did as he was told and began flipping through the channels. Some had movies and others were either Info-mercials or talk shows. He went through the channel listing twice. Frank's heart began to speed up as channel after channel proved to be nothing but the regular shows. Even the local news channels talked only of weather and daily news. His mind was racing as he looked at the beaten body of his friend laying on the floor. A man that had come to him, entrusted the life of his family to him and he had let them all down. He watched as Allyn turned his bloodied face to look up at him.
"I am sorry, my old friend. I meant to help you and it looks like I delivered you right into the hands of the devil himself. Forgive me for that."
The Sheriff smiled at Frank. "Well it is interesting that you would mention the Devil, Frank, Although I think you hurt my feelings comparing me to him." The Sheriff punched Frank in the stomach so hard that it dropped him to his knees. Frank coughed and choked as he stood back up. "After-all, they say the "road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Alright... I have waited long enough for whatever great revelation I was supposed to see! I want to know where the rest of this "un-killable" family is and I want to know Now!!!!" The Sheriff punched Frank again, this time so hard that Frank spit blood. "I am going to find them and when I do, because of this garbage here, I am going to take my time killing them. Who knows, I might even let the boys re-live "Prom Night."
As the Sheriffs words faded, Allyn pulled himself from the ground. As if suddenly possessed by insanity, he pulled the legs out from under the deputy nearest him. As the sheriff turned to watch him fall, Frank double fisted him in the back of the neck. The Sheriff fell forward onto his desk, spilling everything on it to the floor. Allyn was on his feet and beating back the second deputy. He managed to wrestle the mans gun free of it's holster and hit the deputy on the back of the head, knocking him out.
"That's it!" The room went silent at Allyn's outburst. "I am already a dead man. You said it yourself Sheriff! Do you think I care at this point who I kill!!??!! Now back off or you will be the first one to go! Tell your men to stand down or I'll blow you a new breathing hole in your head!"
The Sheriff did as he was told and his men stepped back. Frank took their guns and tossed all but one under the desk. "You just made the biggest mistake of your life, Boy!"
Allyn shook his head. "No Sheriff, you did when you first decided to come looking for my family." Allyn pointed at the T.V. "I think you are going to like this next show. It's called "This Was your life!" He reached forward and turned the volume up.
{{"The National Guard has already been put into to motion and should have the Sheriff's office managed in just a few minutes. Reports are still sketchy but according to very reliable sources, this reporter has learned that the cover up of Prince Raineed's apparent suicide has been broken. Sources say that the young Prince did not commit suicide nor was his girlfriend murdered by a member of the LaCrosse family. She was apparently killed the same night as the Prince, though my sources say the Princes' death was not suppose to happen. FBI agent as well as Government Officials are at the Governors Mansion as we speak, the cover-up believed to go this high. The District Attorneys Office is issuing warrants all over the State."}}
As they all watched the news, the front of the Sheriffs office suddenly was filled with National Guardsmen. They settled outside of the Sheriffs Office. The Sheriff just shook his head. "I guess you are un-killable. Damn, I hate you!"
{One week later} "Well Allyn, it looks like they have rounded up the last of the ones involved in the murder and cover up. Our people have spoken to the Princes' family and they are working through all the Red tape. The sheriff's life isn't going to be a good one, for sure. I am sure somewhere he will meet one or two people he tossed in the Can."
"Frank, we would probably not even be alive today if not for you. We wish we had some better way to say thank you."
"You are alive, Diana. That is enough thanks. Besides, I have been offered a position with the new Governors Office. I think though that I am going to go back to Omaha and just be a cop."
"The Princes' family has talked with us. They are building us a new home and well, we are getting a little help from our own Government too, as thanks for bringing the truth out. We have some dark sun glassed men that seem to be our new companions as well. I think in a year, we won't even remember all of this."
"Are you kidding, Dad. I will still be writing books about this one then. They are calling us "The Unstoppables." Who knows, we may even be a cartoon or something."
They all just laughed together as they watched Sherry walking away. She threw her head back and smiled as she called out "No problem getting a date to the Prom this year, guys..."

I hope that you have enjoyed this as much as I have. Thank you from my heart for reading the story. Always, Darrel

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