Friday, September 25, 2009

Because I am... Answer to that gets old question.

Why are you Bipolar? Ahhhh, a question that WILL be followed by another and another question. If you have ever told someone, friend, family or foe that you are Bipolar, then you have heard these questions. What caused it? Were you taken advantage of as a child? Were you abused by someone physically or mentally? Why don't you just move on? It was so long ago. And then there is the "I had a friend that had that and he/she got cured."
The questions come back around so often that we just stop telling people. There is no real answers and those that we can answer, well, we might prefer not too. I have spent forever trying to explain something that even I don't always understand. The only real answer I can give someone is "Because I am." Life simply happens and we don't always have answers to questions we are asked. "They have pills for that." "REALLY???? Wowwwww... you Do know." And what about those of us that don't take the pills because they are like Poison to us? What about the ones that don't take them because of the "Side-effects?" Not that they are bad? No... There is just the cramps and headaches and the (Increased risk of suicide.} Yea, because we need help with THAT one.
I know I sound sarcastic here and I really do not mean to. I am really only trying to make a point. The things that people tell us, we are already aware of if we have been Bipolar longer than a year. Life for us is like nothing someone without this disorder can ever truly understand or imagine. We don't walk the same lines as others. We don't follow the same path as the rest of the world. We struggle just to start our day. We become lost and confused at the sight or thought of change. We have trouble being somewhere with someone too long. We don't have happy days or sad days. We have euphoric days, so high we would take on all the dragons of the world and conquer them all. Well, we think that. We have Lows that take us to the darkest places you could ever imagine and some that you couldn't.
We love and live with a passion and would give all we had to anyone that asked. We also live in a world that leaves us confused and dis-connected from the world around us. And we live in a world that tells us that everyone in the world could be friends and everyone in the world needs to be saved. And we try to save them all.
Why am I bipolar? What caused it? Why do I live in a world that was built on the largest most curvy roller-coaster that ever existed? Why do I start things and not finish them? Why do I "jerk" from time to time? Why do people make me so anxietic? Why can't I "get over it?"
I am bipolar because I am. That's my answer to all that wondered. Because, I am.

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