Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Angels Unaware...

Today I want to talk about "Angels Unaware." There are stories on stories of Angels {defined as messengers} appearing to people in their hours of need. They have come to the sick and poor and the rich and well. The Angels have been described in more fashions than I will go into here. It is completely believable and I think that most people, regardless of their Doctrine, have in some way experienced one somewhere in their lives.
But I want to talk about the ones that Do Not appear to us as an Angel. "People" that walk into our lives at a specific time and are there sometimes for less than a day. Their presences is felt and one can feel the wonder in them as we fellowship with these people. These people are sometimes someone we know, but often they are complete strangers that enter our lives gently. They may come to your lives and after they have touched your soul, simply fade away.
Many times in my life, when I thought that I was at the end of what I could endure, someone would enter my life and cause a stirring in my soul. They have left and years later, finally as I looked back, I could realize that "they" had been sent to me from heaven to help me. I can recall one time, many years ago when Sheila was so very ill. I sat in the far corner of a waiting room, darkened so no one would look at me. I did my very best to conceal my crying and to not draw attention to me. I had gone into the bathroom several times, then thinking i had a grip on it all, walked into Sheila's ICU room, and there, looking at her, barely able to see her face for the tubes and wires and machines, and bawling. Thankful for just a brief moment that she was in a deep coma and could not see me crying.
As I sat in my little corner, softly now crying to myself, a young girl walked over to me and sat down. She didn't say a word but simply took my hand in her tiny hand and held it tight. I told her I was sorry and she said "I know." I felt as if I had known her forever and was unafraid to openly talk about my tears.I told her of the way that Sheila and I used to walk along the lake-shore, hand in hand, smiling and being In Love. I talked of our walks in the woods and of our laughter and joys, like when our daughters were born. We talked about when Sheila first got sick and the first real Hospital stay. A stay that was to begin for us a 24 year trek from hospital room to hospital room. I cried harder as I explained to her that she was in so much pain and that I could not take it away for her. Tubes and beeping machines had become common and hospital rooms were more familiar than our own bedroom. When I finished she simply said to me "and you hurt too." She gave me a tiny heart and said that she knew my heart and my pain. She told me God has hold of Sheila right now and he is talking with her. She was sleeping so he could heal her and that I needed to make myself strong for when she needed me. I asked her if she had family in ICU and she said "Always." I laughed a little and told her I understood but really, I didn't understand at that time. I never saw her again but began to strengthen my heart with faith and trust that Sheila would be fine. I kept the heart and have it to this day.
Sheila woke from her coma after 61 days and 4 weeks later came home again. I never told her of the "Angel" that came to me but I asked her if she remembered anything from the sleep.Sheila told me of the music she heard playing while she was sleeping. She remembered my voice singing to her. She remembered seeing Angels, always around her and thought it was them talking and not me.
Sheila went to heaven 2 and 1/2 years later, after standing tall through so many battles. The strongest woman I ever knew, who had Angels to come to MY rescue in my hours of need. Angels Unaware... come in all shapes and sizes. We had a plant in the house my mother named "the Sheila Plant." It would thrive for ever and ever but when it began to wilt some, my mother would know that Sheila was getting ready to go into the hospital. That plant often allowed us time to regroup and ready ourselves for the next battle. It died on us shortly after she went to heaven. No matter what I did to that silly plant, it was not coming back, nor... was my Sheila. A Plant? Or was it an Angel watching over my home and Sheila and allowing me a little grace period to try and at least prepare myself for whatever was coming our way.
I have one that has called out my name very loudly at times. After a long day of driving my driving becomes an accident waiting to happen. Times when I have suddenly heard my name and woke just in time to avoid hitting a bridge. It is with me every time I am on a long trip.
There are as I said so many stories to tell but I just wanted to tell these today. I am sure you have some of your own to tell and one day, maybe you will share them with me. How i would love that. I hope you have a beautiful life and remember "Quitting is NOT an Option" and it is "Never goodbye, it is simply See you later." Hugssssss to you All. Always, Darrel

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