Saturday, February 16, 2008

Things I know about dreaming...

Dreaming... not like the lay in bed and sleep dreams. The dreams we have for ourselves and our lives are what I am writing about. And that question of whether you found them, lived them and felt them within your soul. When I was young, I wanted to be an oceanoghapher, I wanted to film and save the sea-life.Shark
As you may have read in another blog, my life took a huge turn and I did not become an oceanographer. Did that mean that I did not live that dream> I don't think it meant that at all. Through books and films and movies and any and every link I could find to the ocean, I DID live it. I did find it and feel it.
I think that we don't have to actually physically touch the dreams we have. If we can find a way to make them a part of our lives, then we have lived them. Virtual realities, if you will. I have never walked on the moon either, but because of a helmet and a video wrapped around my eyes, I felt it and walked on the moon.
A Planetarium takes us into outer space and causes the feeling that we are rocketing through the galaxy, meteors flying past us, planets appearing and then disappearing right before our eyes. I was 12 years old when I visited a Planetarium in Florida. I remember the girl sitting next to me getting "sick" everywhere because the movements were so very real. She and I were as much flying through space as any astronaut ever did. We Lived it, felt it...found it.
The reason I say these things is this. Sometimes, because we don't think we can nor will ever achieve a dream, we let it go. We allow it to become lost in a very far away place in our minds. Trust me, it IS still there somewhere. Sometimes we have to look for awhile, try to recall if we even had a dream. If we look hard enough, it will manifest itself again to us. We should never let a dream die just because we can't or may not ever realize it as a job or adventure. Find a way to live it within yourself. Make it as real as you can. Todays technology puts the entire world right at our fingertips. It sets before us all the means to reach out and touch the Sun if we choose to do so...minus the burn.
Things I know about dreaming are that they never need to die. They are always with us as long as we keep them alive. They can come to us in many forms and stages. And I KNOW they can become a reality in the blink of an eye. So don't give up on a single dream. They are yours to keep... More to come later, Darrel

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