Wednesday, March 11, 2009

When White meets Black... Chapter 5

The invasion of Ryan's mind left him weak. He slowly sat forward and looked back at Mark.
"You look as if you are fading. What is wrong?"
"This is taking it's toll on me too. I really need to refresh but there is no time."
"Are you going to be able to function when the time comes?"
"Swing down the next road. Our house is two blocks over. I can slip back into my body and we can go find the girls and free them."
Mark, you have not told me yet what Jess passed on to you. It may be very important for me to have the information."
"I don't know how it is going to help us at all, Ryan. You have heard of how people "Network" computers together to gain strength, amongst other reasons?"
"Yes, of course I have. What has that got to do with Jess or beating Joshua?"
"Joshua uses the same system to be two places at once. It is still believed to be just a theory by most but it is apparently reality from what you and I experienced from Joshua. The problem is that it can only work through someone that has astral projected themselves. He is using Jess to be in two places at one time. It doesn't help us at all so there is no reason pursuing it."
"That might not be totally true Mark. The other question is why can't he come into the car to kill us."
"That one was easy. It seems that the metal in the vehicle messes with his projecting. He could enter as I have done but he would have to release his hold on Jess and then his strength would be greatly reduced. Hew would also have to rest like she and I need to. With Jess tagged along, he can draw from her."
"That explains why she was so weak. He has been sucking the life out of her."
"Exactly! And when she returned to her body, he gained even more strength. If we face him outside of this car and he has Jess tagged on, he will easily kill us, Ryan. There is my house. Let me go in and re-enter myself and then we can get this done."
"I will wait outside in the car." Ryan watched Mark go into his house. He turned the radio on to relax a little. As the music played, he began to drift to sleep. Suddenly he heard what he thought was a voice in his head. The soft sound of Jess's voice made him realize it was not in his head. Her voice was coming through the radio.
"I can not be here long, love. By using your radio, anyone listening to this station will here me. I can use no names so please listen to me. You didn't tell mark you have projected before."
"It was a disaster and I nearly died."
"It doesn't matter, Ryan. You did it and so Mark can use you to increase his strength should you need to do that."
"Jess, how? How are we so connected? Why do I feel as if I have known you all of my life?"
"You have been part of me since you were a little boy. I am Jennifer Longfield, Ryan. I had to change my name to what I am called now to save my life. I stumbled onto some bad men years ago that wanted me dead."
"Jennifer... Jenny L., from high school. I was so in love with you and then just before our senior year was over, you disappeared. I asked about you for years and nobody knew anything about you. My heart was totally broken, Jenn."
"I will make up for lost time, but right now, you need to save those girls! Ohhhhh, Oh God, Ryan."
Her screams of pain sent chills down Ryan's neck. The radio was filled with static but he could hear her screaming somewhere in the background. Michael McDonald sang when a man loves a woman amidst Jess's terrifying screams.
"Jessica!!!!! What is happening, baby!? Talk to me! IS he hurting you!??"
Another scream rang out , this one outside the car. It was coming from inside Mark's house. Just as Ryan was opening the car door, like stereo he heard Jess and Mark call out to him. "Don't open the door! Stay where you are!?"
Jess's voice was the strongest and could be heard clearly now. A window shattered and Ryan saw Marks body come crashing through the window. It landed on the hood of Ryan's car.Mark turned and grabbed hold of the sides of the hood. "Go, I am fine... just get us out of here!"
Ryan pressed his foot to the floor. The tires squealed and Mark pulled his way into the passenger side of the car.
"What the hell happened in there!!??"
"Joshua happened in there, that's what happened! He was waiting for me when I went inside. He was trying to kill me but I re-entered to quickly. I moved just as he was going to kill me. We have to get to the girls and Jess now, Fast! He knows we are here and so he will try and get rid of the girls."
"Hurry please, before he kills the girls and me. Dallas warehouse, Florentine street! Pleaseeeeeeee...I love you Ryan, always!"
That was the last time Jess's voice was heard on the radio.
"She was trying to tell the police where she is. She knows they can hear her! We are almost to Florentine street, Mark. When we get there, we split up and find them. there is no time to waste now!"
As the turned the corner on Florentine, the car began to shake. The windows frosted over and Ryan could feel his fingers freezing on the steering wheel. The ice quickly covered everything and suddenly, the car came to an abrupt Stop! Ryan saw the telephone pole as it fell into the windshield, shattering glass everywhere. Part of the pole landed on Marks shoulder. He cried out in agony as the bone on his shoulder broke through the skin.
"I can heal later. Lets' get out and find them!"
Police sirens could be heard drawing nearer to them. As Ryan and Mark left the car, Ryan was tossed against the broken pole. His back hit the pole with the force of a hurricane. He crumpled to the ground. As he tried to move he saw Joshua approach him.
"Now, I am going to fulfill a promise to you and kill you. You should have left her standing by the road! Now, you just need to relax and die!"
Joshua made himself nearly completely solid. He grabbed a huge stone and lifted it above his head. "Say goodbye, Ryan!"
"I don't think so, Joshua." Ryan watched Joshua tumble backwards as the projection of the woman he loved flashed before him. "It is you that is saying goodbye! I managed to keep a little more of my strength for myself."
The rock fell to the ground. Joshua turned and grabbed Jess by her throat and began to squeeze. "You little fool! Did you really think you could defeat me?!?" His strength even took Jess by surprise. He squeezed and squeezed and as Ryan struggled to stand, he watched Jess's projection fading to almost zero. His tears flowed as he screamed out her name. Her face was saddened and scared...
"NOooooooooooo Jessica, don't you dare leave me now!!!!"

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