Friday, May 8, 2009

What Makes You Scream.

"Barbaric... that's what you are! I have never met a more selfish animal in my life!"
The winter had been long and Margo was testy. James did not help the situation at all. She loved him, that much was for certain, but sometimes she really did Not Like him. After 18 years together she had hoped a little bit of her ways would have rubbed off on him. Still, he did have that smile that said "come here" and she knew she would not be angry with him for long. The problem was... He knew it too.
"Now listen Margo, sweetheart, ba-a-a-a-abydoll," and he smiled. "I know that it seems like I am always doing what I want but really, will it be so bad spending some very "alone time" with me in the forest? We can just be ourselves and enjoy nature at it's best. Ple-e-e-ase."
There were those eyes again. They were the bluest blue and they sparkle when he was being devilish. Between that and his smile, she was unable to say no to him. He kissed her tenderly and she decided she would be mad at him later. James smiled at her and stepped back a bit. He smiled at what he saw. She was perhaps the most beautiful lady in the world, he thought. Her emerald green eyes and thick, full auburn hair had grabbed enchanted him from the first time he had seen her. He was in love with her from the very first hello. Her tall slender body, 5'9", tall for a lady, made everything she wore look like it was molded to her body. The only thing that made it better was a pair of tight blue jeans and a T-top. He winked at her and went to finish packing for the trip. Two hours later they were ready to go.
As they drove away, James began laughing. "Did I miss something, sir?"
"Do I dare ask why you needed two backpacks for the trip? We are supposed to be roughing it, remember?"
"I realize that you can wear the same stuff and not worry about it but we might decide to eat in town one night and so i brought clothes for that in case. I also have a lot of "girly" stuff, as you call it that are essential to my daily needs. I also tossed in several food items in case you don't deliver on the meals."
James shook his head and smiled at her. "I knew better than to ask."
The trip took nearly 4 hours, half of which Margo spent sleeping against the window. When they turned off the highway, the rough gravel roads woke her. She looked out the window and sighed. She was determined to try and enjoy the trip as much as she could. James was a good man and he worked long, hard hours to provide the good life they lived. She smiled at him and touched his arm.
"Well Grizzly Adams, it looks like we are there, huh?"
"Almost Love. We will be about 4 miles back in the woods once we get to where I want to camp. Very rare to see other humans there and that means we can do what we want, when we want to."
"It does sound perfect and with your hours lately, it will be nice to catch up on some of the extra-curricular activities we have missed for a while."
"Not to worry, Love. You will enjoy me and my activities." They both laughed at his words.
A mile away from the campsite, James saw a Forest Ranger standing in the road. he was waving his arms for them to stop. James pulled the truck over and rolled his window down. The Ranger walked to the window.
"How are you doing today?"
"Did you two miss the sign a few miles back?"
"I didn't see a sign anywhere on the road. Is there anything wrong?" James just looked at him and waited to be answered.
"We have a situation we are trying to resolve."
Margo leaned down to look out of James' window. "What kind of situation, Sir?"
"We have a family that is missing and we are doing a search. You didn't see anyone on the way here, did you?"
"No we didn't pass anyone." James was waiting for the "Sorry, you will need to turn around" statement.
"Well, I am going to let you pass but if you see anyone wandering, send them our way." The Ranger stepped aside and let them through.
"I hope they find them soon and that they are alright."
"I am sure they just got turned around out here. It is easy to do. We can keep a watch out anyways."
Arriving at the campsite, they got set up and James started a camp-fire. They settled in and were enjoying the beauty of the surroundings. The trees were full and the smell in the air was fresh and pleasant.
"Can I ask a question here? Where exactly do I use the bathroom?"
James laughed out loud. "Nature provisions aren't good enough?"
"Barbaric! I am saying it again, James Malloy! I am not relieving myself behind a bush!"
Still laughing, he pulled out a port-a-potty and set it near some brush. "There, My Lady, is your throne. Feel free to use it anytime."
"Oh God," is all she could mutter.
As she walked past a small stand of trees,she swore the leaves moved before she touched them. She stopped and looked at it. Whatever it was seemed to have left or stopped moving. She walked past the trees without looking back again.
The eyes watched her closely. They followed her every move. Moving slowly, crawling on it's hands and knees, the unseen visitor stopped moving only when Margo did. As she stood near an opening in the trees, an arm slipped out of the brush. The long fingertips reached out and touched her heal. She slapped at it, thinking it was a bug. She screamed a little and the arm slid back into the cover of the brush. James came over to see what made Margo scream.
"Bugs... that is why I screamed, Davy Crockett! God, I hate bugs!"
James laughed and put his arm around her. "Come on, City Girl, let's go eat."
The movement in the trees behind them went un-noticed. The eyes continued to watch their every move.

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