Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Derek turned towards Carrie's grandmother. He remembered her older but she still had the same smile. She had accepted him long before anyone else in the Pisk family had. When she died, she left the legacy of him being part of a wonderful family.He leaned in and hugged her and introduced Nina.
"We have met before, dear Derek. Nina comes to talk with me when her heart is heavy, though on a different plain. She has wonderful gifts and one day she will help many people. For now, we need to concentrate on getting this young lady of yours back home and living."
"What do we need to do, Grammie?"
"We must mark the clock to the exact time the Mr.Knievel, poor soul, rips the Fabric of time. When that happens, you three must be ready to pass through it and return to your time. You must be holding one another when you pass through or the one that isn't will be left with dear old Grammie forever. That would be a tragedy in that it would sends ripples through the Fabric as far back as John and Sarah."
"I don't understand, Grammie. Why will it effect things so far back?"
"Because my dear Nina, if one of you doesn't return to your time, then either your mother and father will have never met because they will be in different times or you will never come to be. The one that returns will remember this day but anyone left behind will have no recollection of any of this. Simply put, it will not have ever happened in this time line."
"No event, no memory."
"Exactly Derek. So you see how important this is that it happen perfectly. Not that I would mind finishing out my life with one or all of you, but that simply isn't the way it is to be. It would follow back to our ancestors because all time would change. How much, I don't know so let us do this right the first time."
Grammie went to the back of the shop and brought out the clock. It was a beautiful clock that appeared to be as perfect as the day it was made. Looking like a curvaceous woman squatting, it's colors of blue and purple sparkled. Two cherubs adorned the the lower part of the clock. She placed the clock on a table and took out a small key to wind the clock with. The sound of it ticking echoed through the shop. Grammie went to the door and pulled the shade down. She turned the sign over to read closed and returned to the clock.
"This clock will travel with you through the Fabric. Be careful not to damage it or it will drop you in the middle of whatever time you are passing through. When the alarm goes off, you will have one minute to pass through the Fabric rip. Once you are through, the Fabric will seal itself and all will be as it was. Mr. Knievel will do his bounce off the ramp and re break every bone again. Silly man anyways."
"How do we get high enough to pass through the rip, Grammie?"
"The rip will follow the poor man down to the floor. It is on his impact with the ground that the fabric will lose it's grip. That is when you will jump onto the platform and pass through the rip."
"And no one is going to notice three people standing on the platform, suddenly disappearing into the nothingness of space?"
"That is where Nina will become very important. Nina, my dear young lady... you must listen closely to me now."
Nina turned to face Grammie so as not to miss a single word. Fear filled her eyes and Grammie saw it as much as felt it. "You must reach out at the moment you are all through the Fabric and pull it closed behind you. When you do that, the time will be closed and lost forever. No one will remember seeing anything except others gifted as you and I are. That will be all and you will return to the moment before your mother fell. From there, you three will simply pick your lives up anew, as one family."
"I still don't see how anyone is going to let us get that close to the platform."
"You must have faith in Grammie, Derek." She smiled at him gently. Remember, I have already lived this day before. I simply don't know what happens after you pass through the Fabric. You will all dress as cameramen. Evel had a hard time getting people to film his adventures. He welcomed any and all publicity. You will be fine and no one will think it strange you are there. Now we must hurry and set the clock. Time is running out for you. Your camera and clothes are hidden behind a curtain next to the platform. Now go and God be with you all. Perhaps we will see one another again."
They hugged Grammie and thanked her for all she had done. The walk to the Palace was quick and they went in the backdoor of the building.Exactly where she had said they would be were the clothes and cameras.
"Obviously not our time or these would have been gone by now."
"Let's get changed quickly and move towards the platform, Derek. It is only half an hour until show time. Nina, hand me the clock please."
"I don't have the clock, Mother. I thought you or daddy grabbed it."
"Are you kidding me!? We left without the freaking clock!? Oh My God! We only have a little while! No one move! I will run as fast as I can and be back hopefully in time to do this. If I don't make it, get yourselves out of here." Derek hugged Nina and turned to Carrie Ann. He took her in his arms and held her the way she had longed to be held for so long. "I love you forever, Carrie Ann. We are going to be together, I promise you that." Their tears mingled together as Derek pressed his lips to Carrie's. He kissed her long and deep and she felt her knees begin to weaken. His strong arms held her to his body until the kiss was finished. Dizzy from the kiss, she watched as the man she loved ran out the back door and disappeared.

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