Sunday, July 12, 2009

Desert Snow Pt 7 The End...

Sharu stood in awe as she watched Marlene raise her hands to face her. Marlene looked confident and ready to do battle.
"Sharu... I would like you to meet my daughter, Diana. I thought it was appropriate to name her after "Wonder Woman." Funny how things come to mind while you are being buried alive. Things like, "Oh My, I think I am going to give birth." My little Diana came out and she was just Full of energy! She also told me things that you would have omitted. This isn't about saving your precious people at all, Sharu. This is all about you losing control of your people. They want to mix and mingle with today's society but you could not allow that to happen, could you?"
"You and your precious little girl will not live long enough for any of these things to matter! Do you really think that you have the power to defeat me, Marlene!? I am Your power! I am where that little girl got her strength! And I am the one that will take it away from you! First though, I think I will kill your love and your friend. Perhaps that will remind you who is in charge here."
Sharu waved her hand fast at Dan and Bernie. Just as fast, she saw Diana nod her head. Without lifting her hand at all, a huge blue veil covered Dan and Bernie. The concussion from Sharu's powerful attack bounced away from Dan and Bernie and hit her full force. Sharu was tossed backwards against the sand dunes behind her. For the first time since they had seen Sharu, Marlene and Dan and Bernie saw of look of fear on her face.
"Stop this now and we can all go back to our lives. You can find a place in our world to live out your life Sharu. You are a beautiful woman. Any man would die to be with you."
"Live in a world Men!!! Be ruled by them and take orders from them!?! I would rather die here than live that way!"
Sharu waved her hand and caught Marlene off guard. The crashing blow sent her rolling over a sand dune. Marlene layed motionless on the sand. Dan ran to her side. He lifted her head and felt her pulse.
"You killed her, damn you!!!! You killed the only woman I ever loved. Left her daughter... Our daughter motherless!" He held Marlene's body next to his tight.
Then a soft voice, sweet and gentle spoke out. "Do not be sad Father. She did not take mother away. She is just sleeping." Dan felt a tiny hand touch his shoulder. He looked up into the innocent eyes of their daughter.
"No baby girl... your mother is dead. I can feel no life in her." Dan wept hard against Marlene's body.
"The desert snow will bring her back to us, Father. I promise you."
They all watched, including Sharu, as Diana beckoned the dragon to come to her.
"You have no control over that beast, little girl! That is my creation! I alone command it!"
Diana looked at Sharu as the dragon came closer. "You created nothing, Sharu. The desert created it all. This place is a gifted land and you have always known that. Nothing exists here except while we are present. When we leave this place, the desert will absorb everything we see here except you and your people. The only thing that will remain here is the Desert Snow." It remains here, unseen by mortal eyesto keep balance in the earth. It appears as rain to human eyes but we know it is ice that the dragon creates, to keep the earth from over heating. Where he came from, we will never know. It does not matter, really. Go with your people and find a new home amongst the world. There are good people there."
"No!!!! I will not do that nor will Listen to some little girl! I will simply kill you as I did your mother!"
Sharu waved her hand at Diana. Without ever looking back, Diana waved her hand and tossed the impact to the sand. The dragon sat beside Dan and Marlene's lifeless body. They all watched as it covered Dan and Marlene in a soft snow.
"It's so cold, Daughter. This is going to freeze us both."
"No Father, it is healing her. Stay with her." Diana turned and faced Sharu. "Will you now go and be with your people.? They will still need someone to guide them into their new world."
Sharu stood and looked at Diana. She knew her strength would only increase each time she attacked her. Diana would kill her before she could best her.
"You don't want to be their leader!?"
"I have my family here with me. I have no desire to lead anyone."
"Then I will take them a few at a time until they are all settled into the new world."
As Sharu walked away, Dan and Bernie looked towards the desert. A soft snow had begun to fall over it all. As the snow landed on each thing in the desert, they disappeared. Absorbed into the desert somehow. No more pyramids or lakes with huge ships on them. No more jet-planes or huge trucks were left. The only thing left on the desert was small huts and hundreds of beautiful woman. Sharu's people, they were sure.
Suddenly Dan felt Marlene stir in his arms. She opened her eyes and smiled at him. "Quite the little girl we have there, huh Daddy?" she whispered to him.
Dan hugged her tight. "Quite the little family we have, My Love."
The Dragon moved to a sand dune not far from them. It began to breathe snow into the sand. As the sand moved to the side, Bernie's eyes lit with excitement and awe. She ran to where the dragon stood and reached down to the sand. She took Marcus in her arms and held him tight. Marcus laid in her arms, confused but very much alive.
"Thank you for this," Bernie said to the dragon. With a nod, the dragon walked away towards the lower desert area. It walked until it was either absorbed into the desert or simply disappeared. None of them were truly certain.
Dan stood and took Diana's tiny hand in his. "Let's go find that Complex so we can go home."
Diana smiled and knelt to the ground. She drew a picture of a nice big truck. Softly she blew on the sand. As she did, the truck materialized before them. Dan shook his head.
"Will you always be able to do that or is it just the desert?"
Diana looked at her Father and smiled. With a wink to her mother, she said softly,"We will see Father. We will see."

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