Saturday, February 28, 2009

Does alone make sadness or does sadness make alone?

Often times people say to a friend "I know you are alone, but I wish you weren't sad. I have also heard "if she/he smiled a little more perhaps he/she would not be so alone." So I ask, is a person destined to be alone as long as they remain sad? Will a person always feel sad when they are alone?
First to the alone because they are sad. Hmmmm??? What about "Misery does love company."? Wouldn't that mean that people would be drawn to someone sad? Would not "like minds" be attracted to their sadness and therefore surround the sad person? In that way of thinking, and i am only using the saying that has been passed down for centuries I am sure, then no sad person would ever be alone...
On the other side of the coin, because a person is alone, does that mean they are sad? I for one can survive nicely for quite sometime without someone with me all the time. I enjoy my quiet time, my alone time and find that sometimes, it is Just what the doctor ordered. Being bipolar certainly helps to make me a little more at ease with alone but I don't know that it is the complete reason for me not always being sad to be alone.
I think the answer to these two questions is easier than the question itself. lol... It is the person it involves, their lifes situations and where they have been and are in their lives. And I think that to make each of the two situations not such a terrible place to be, a person simply has to take each situation and make it a place to learn and grow...

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