Sunday, May 18, 2008

things to learn about the power of "word of mouth."

What exactly is "word of mouth"? Well, the definition given is longer than mine. Simply said, it is telling another and another and another about something you read or heard and think they might be interested in. If I read a fantastic book, I will tell my friends. They read it and tell a few more friends. Much like a good movie, the increase in volume of those that see it can be enormous. Does it work? I would like to think so.
Now this in fact may be a what appears to be a cheap, though not so terrible way to sell a book or two. If it does come off that way than I will recall for you the writer that many, many years ago could not afford to print up nor advertise his novel in volume. Searching for a way to make more sales, he had 50 books printed up. he used all that he had in the way of money except enough to travel by train from place to place. He would leave a book or two on a seat in one of the train-cars each time he exited. He did this until all 50 books were gone except the one original that he held himself. As people read this book while they were traveling, many found they could not finish it before they reached their destination. As times were different then, rather than steal it, they would take down the name and the author and inquire to the address inside the first page. Within one year 100,000 copies had been printed and sold.
Yes, the book was good but it was by "word of mouth" that it sold as it did. Can this procedure still work today? Does it still work today? Ask Hemingway or Koontz or any of the other #1 best sellers what sells their books for them. After they are Gihugic, my own little word, their name speaks for them. but it all starts by someone telling someone about someones book or movie or food.
So this blog is about what??? It's about ME! It's about YOU! It is about me learning if "word of mouth" is as effective as those before me found it to be. Books are written about just this subject. See for yourself.
So,let's just imagine for a moment that the Internet is a train-car filled with seats and seats of people. Imagine again if you will that I just left my two novels, Abduction and Until Death Do We Meet on the seat. You didn't have the chance to finish it and really wanted to read it. will get you a signed copy if you order it directly from me, the author.
A strange way to advertise a novel or two? Not really. I just left my novels on about 1 million seats across the Internet. I am learning and will pass on to You just how well the Power of "word of mouth" works. Darrel

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