Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What Makes You Scream... Part 6

Margo ran for what seemed like forever. Her face was bleeding again from the branches scratching her. She ran until she found the cabin that the note had mentioned. It was a small cabin with a window missing. She pushed on the door but it did not open. She pushed it hard with her shoulder but still it stayed closed. She went to the side of the house that the window was out of. As she climbed through, a shard of glass cut her across her stomach. She held it until she was inside. The bleeding was more than she needed but she had to stay focused on getting safe. She found the phone and picked it up. She was thankful there was a dial-tone. Margo dialed 911. When the operator picked up, her whole body sagged in relief.
"You need to listen to me carefully. My name is Margo Spencer and I am somewhere in the Pine Lake Park area. I don't know where but it is a cabin out here. They have my husband and I need your help. Please!!!!"
"Ma'am, who has your husband?"
"The ranger and his brother! I don't know who they are! Please send someone out here!"
"We have you on our monitor and I am calling the Sheriff's office now. You need to stay where you are until help arrives."
"I am bleeding very badly! I cut my stomach and it hurts so bad."
"You need to stay with me on the line if you can. It is very important that you do that, Margo."
"I am not going anywhere!" Margo found some towels and pressed them against her stomach. She could feel herself wanting to pass out and the voice on the phone seemed to be getting farther away each minute. "Please hurry... I don't know how much longer I can stay awake."
"We passed that Broad somewhere, Bobby. I am turning around and going back through the trees. She could not have made it this far!"
Bobby looked at Cleedace and then at James. "Yes, we can turn around anytime. I think she lost energy and is hiding somewhere."
"Unless she made it to that cabin a mile or so ahead. We might as well go that far. We can turn around there."
"Why waste the time? Let's just go back. We can get rid of this guy. He isn't doing us any good."
"It's only a mile up the road. It isn't going to hurt us to go there! Why are you so fidgety!?"
"I just want to be done with this! I am tired of covering your tracks! This has to stop, Cleedace!"
The truck came to an abrupt halt. James was tossed against the back window of the truck. "What the hell are you doing?!"
"Listen to me brother! Nothing stops 'till I stop it! Your bad shootin' is why I do these things! You are to blame for my problems and you know it! That's why you cover for me and that's why you will always cover for me!"
"I never meant to shoot you! It was 20 years ago, damn it! What you do is because you need help... not because we were playing and I shot you in the head! And you know what Cleedace!!!??? It stops now! I am done with it! I would rather spend the rest of my life in prison than watch you kill another person."
Bobby pulled his gun from it's holster. As he turned to aim it at Cleedace, a fist struck him in the face. The power from the hit knock him out of the truck. Before he could stand up, he felt his brothers hands grab him by the hair. Another punch sent him rolling across the ground. James was trying to untie the rope around his neck while the men fought. He watched Bobby stand up and knock Cleedace down. The two men wrestled on the ground, both intent on winning. James felt the rpe fall from his neck. He jumped over the side of the truck. He wanted to just run but the ranger had helped him and he could not leave him like this. He jumped on Cleedace and pulled him off of Bobby. The rage in Cleedace was like a wild animal. He turned around and threw James to the ground. Kicking him in the sides, he raced to where the gun had fallen. Reaching it before Bobby could, he turned and aimed it at the two men.
"See... now I have to kill you both! This is your fault again, Brother. It's all your fault! You never were as smart as me!"
"Cleedace, just let him go and we will work this out. There will be other campers, other chances."
"I don't want other campers! I want them!" Cleedace waved the gun at James. James expected the sting of a bullet anytime.
"Just give me the gun... or keep it and let's go. It will be alright!"
"So he can call the cops and tell them where we are!"
"It's too late now, anyways. His wife went to the cabin and called the sheriff. They will be coming soon for both of us. This is our only chance to get away."
"How do you know that!"
"I told her. She was in the trees when we stopped back a ways. I left her a note telling her where to go. Don't you see... it is done."
The gun went of so fast, it even seemed to surprise Cleedace. Bobby felt the sting in his left side. The warmth of blood filled his shirt instantly. He stared at Cleedace and then at his blood-stained shirt.
"Look! Look what you made me do! Now what am I gonna do?! This wasn't supposed to happen!"
Bobby looked at James. He knew he had only one last chance to redeem himself. He lunged forward with all the strength he had left in him. The surprise hit took Cleedace to the ground. Bobby knew he couldn't hold his brother for long.
"James... run damn you, RUN!!!!!!!!! Get to that cabin and get your wife out of there. Just keep running until you are out of the forest! Don't stop for anything. If she called, the sherriff isn't far away! Just get out of here!"
Bobby tightened his grip on Cleedace.
"I can't leave you here! I have to..."
"You have to run and save your wife! It is too late for me! Now Go! I can't hold him much longer! I am so sorry!"
James saw Cleedace turning the gun towards him. He ran as fast as he could towards the cabin. "Thank you, Sheriff!" he yelled as he ran. he spotted the cabin and raced to the door. It was locked. "Margo... Margo, open the door, it's me!" With no answer, James shoved as hard as he could against the door. The wood splintered around the Jam and it opened. There on the floor, in a pool of blood was Margo.
"Oh My God! Margo, wake up baby. We have to get out of here!"
Margo opened her eyes. She wrapped around James and cried. "I am hurt baby. I don't know if I can get up."
"Then I will carry you!" James took the phone from her. "Hello!?"
"Who am I speaking to?"
"This is Margo husband! We are getting out of this cabin and running! The killer is going to be here soon! Just send help, fast!"
"Sir, you need to stay where you are. The Sheriff is very close to your location. Just wait for..."
James tossed the phone to the ground. "Wait, my ass! Come on Margo, we are going!"
He leaned down and took his wife in his arms. He headed straight for the thickest part of the woods. A shot rang out behind them. James knew what it meant. He began to move as fast as he could. A voice rang out from somewhere behind them.
"You won't get away from me! You made me kill my brother! I am coming to get you! I am going to kill you both!!!!!!!!!"

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