Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Silence can be so Loud... Pt.3

Clarise shook Kindred's body as hard as she could. She needed to wake him from his deep sleep before the "souls" ripped her body into shreds as they were doing to Kindred's. She did not want to uncover his body but the pain from the unseen enemy was becoming too much for her to bear. She feared she might pass out from it all and then Kindred would be lost to her forever.
 "Please Kindred... wake up Now, before it is to late!!!"
The souls pulled at her body, trying to roll her over. Clarise was no longer sure if they wanted to reach Kindred's body or wanted to get to her own heart. As long as she protected Kindred, she too was the enemy and the target of their hatred. She felt Kindred's body move under her. She could feel him fighting back. Whether it was toward the off or wake, she was unsure. The only thing that mattered to her right now was that he Was fighting.
 "Clarise." She heard her name slip from his lips. "Help me, Please."
 "I am here, Kindred! Wake up and look at me! See me so that they will go away! They are hurting me, Kindred!"
 As if a light had been turned on suddenly, Kindreds eyes were opened as soon as Clarise had spoken those last words. She watched as he looked around quickly, felt his arms move around her body. In one single move, Kindred rolled over completely and covered her body with his own. She immediately felt the unseen stop tearing at her body. The change from such intense pain to no longer feeling them hurting her was so over whelming, Clarise remembered only looking at Kindred for a second... and then, she passed out.
How much time had passed since she had fainted? Where was her home, her bed? She knew they must be in a car, as she could feel the movement, hear the tires singing their song as they rolled down the highway. Clarise sat straight up and looked at Kindred. Her body ached from the cuts on her skin. Cuts that seemed to be healing quickly. She felt the back of his hand gently caress her cheek.
 "I am sorry they hurt you, Clarise. Soon we will be to the Cabin, where we will be safe for a short time."
 "Don't be sorry, Kindred. I wanted to protect you. I was where I was by choice. I remember you waking and covering me with your body. That is the last thing I can recall."
 "I bathed you and treated your wounds as best I could. They Will heal in a short time. They always do. All but the memory will be gone. That part, it pains me to say, I can Not take away nor fix for you."
 "Sh-h-h-h-h-h-h, it's o.k. We will fix this together, sweet man. I assume we are on our way to the cabin."
 "We should be there before day break." Shadows lit up the trees as they passed them. Lights that appeared to be out of place, flickering all through the darkened forest. She watched them appear and then disappear. Kindred looked at Clarise. "They know where we are going. Both the souls and the dark people will be there when we reach the cabin. We are safe inside, as it has always been for me."
 "Yes, we will be good inside, at least until they find a way inside."
 "Tell me why, Love. When they "Shocked" me at the home, I lost so much memory. Only the terrible things remain for me. You are the only link I have to them. Why am I safe there at the cabin, Clarise?"

 "After your father died, your mother's anger and bitterness became fierce. You were found to be not guilty of any wrong doing by the courts and that angered her worse. She kept her feelings silent during the proceedings and the court sent you back home to her. She picked up where your father had been when he died.  She would beat you and cut you, holding you after she was finished, until you stopped crying and hugged her back. And then..."
 "And then, she would start again. I remember things when you talk about them. But why is the cabin so safe?"
 "Your aunt and Uncle would come to take you on weekends. They brought you to the cabin and tried to make your sadness and pain go away. They even fought for you in court but the "powers that were" thought it better for you to be with your mother. She would find you here sometimes and wait until you wandered off into the forest alone. She would attack you until your Aunt or Uncle would find you. They would take you into the cabin and chase your mother away. She could not get inside the cabin to harm you. The cabin remained your place of safety after that."
 "What happened to them?"
 "Isn't it enough to absorbed for now, Kindred?"
 He stopped the car and looked at her. "Tell me what happened to my Aunt and Uncle, Clarise. I must know!"
 Suddenly, they felt the car rock to one side and then, to the other. The windows rattled as if they were being torn from the car. Things heard, but unseen, struck the windshield over and over until a crack appeared in the center. Panic was in Clarise's eyes as she began to scream and cry.
 "Drive Kindred, drive!!! I will tell you about them after we are back on the road! Hurry, please! They are going to get inside if you don't drive Now!"
 Kindred put the car into drive and pulled out on to the road again. The shaking stopped and all that was in front of them was the highway again.
 "Now, Clarise... tell me where my Aunt and Uncle went to." 


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