Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Spring does come back...

We have been here before, many times I think. But still I return because sometimes things you heard or knew long ago take time to settle into your mind. Seasons... there are four of them, as you know. I have spoken of how friends come into our lives for a season. they touch our lives, open doors and sometimes come to help us close doors that were otherwise to hard for us to do ourselves. We go through different seasons with them depending on why they are in our lives for that time.
So what is new or different about the seasons today? I was sitting thinking about a friend who has been a part of life throughout the seasons. We shared the Spring-time when feelings were nurtured and fed and we watch the beautiful growth of a friendship. Just like the flowers that sprout forth in the Spring, so did our friendship. Imagine the colors of the tulips if you will. A little snow still covering the ground but melting away day by day as the Sun warms the ground. That friendship was filled with red and blue and purple and yellow. The bright hues bringing color to everything around. The smiles at seeing the friendship grow in the warmth of caring.
Summer broke through next. the searing heat that flowed into the friendship, changing feelings from the warmth of caring to the heat of passion. Nights of hot upon hot, breathing labored and the searing of hearts with just a touch. never wanting it to end and yet seeking shelter sometimes from the sheer heat. Protection of a Sun block, afraid that we might be burned. Knowing there might be pain but venturing out into the heat time and time again, the desires so intense.
Fall... Autumn to some people. The slow down of the heated days and nights. The knowing that the hot days of summer have come to an end. No longer do you run out into the sunshine. Now, we embrace the warm days and enjoy the cooler evenings. not certain how to dress from day to day because some days the days turn cool fast and then heat up for just a moment, as if we are trying to hold on to some of the Summers heat, afraid that winter will come to soon. Fall... a time to sit alone outside on the swing and breathe in the new air. Still, some of Summer lingers within our hearts, but Fall now has taken over. the colors are different and though they are beautiful in their own way, they signify the end of a season and the promise of cold and winter.
Winter, sudden and harsh, breathes it chill down our necks and stings our faces a bit. We cover ourselves a bit more to ward off the cold we know will come. That friendship that blossomed into Sweet Summer and sizzled for us, replaced by a cool breeze that leaves us unsure of where we are to go now. Winter brings on the time that weather often prevents us from seeing those we love each day. plans made that are sometimes cancelled because of too much winter. Wanting that is replaced by the task of keeping the snow from burying us alive. Working so to get rid of the snow that has covered everything beautiful now. Alone with only a cup of coffee to warm us inside. False warmth from the cold that is only kept from touching us by a window. A window that allows us to see and remember what Spring looked like but not to touch it any longer.
So what is different from what I have said before? Why do I add to these Metaphors and Similes I use so often to describe where I am? This morning, as i looked out at the snow and the ice that Winter has brought to us already, i saw a place that the ice melt had opened. I could see the sidewalk and the grass that grows next to it. It reminded me that Spring DOES come back around. There may be new flowers and a new look to what was last Spring. BUT... there are also the familiar tulips that were there last Spring. There is still the caring and the desire to warm the ground around the Tulips so they can come forth. We haven't lost what was ours for the Spring and Summer. It simply is covered by Winters snow. The friendship and caring that we hold in our hearts will emerge with Springs touch. You have had the Winter to rest and think about it. No Spring is the same as the year before. There are new flowers now. Some that blossom from the previous and some that the wind blew in from somewhere else. All awaiting the springs Sun to give them life. Friendships that will always be and caring that will never cease.
Seasons: They come and they go but for certain, they will always be... Always, Darrel.

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