Thursday, November 29, 2012

 Good morning to you...

 As I begin this day, I turn my focus and things to come. I, like everyone I think, bought a ticket for that "Oh My God" so gihugic Lottery. I, like everyone but two people in America, did Not win the 450,000,000 dollars. Is that even a number??? yes, I know it is and it causes me to wonder why they don't draw say, ummmm, ten different times and split it up a bit. Even for myself, I think that number is ridiculously enormous for one or two people to win. Is that number going to be life-changing???  Hmmmm, is that even a question?

 So going off of that, I think of things that I know would be life-changing. What or how would it change My life? It certainly would open up a few more hours to write, right? It would get me that little cottage that is a perfect set-up for inspiration. In fact, 450 million would be just enough to purchase the cottage and to travel a bit to places like the East coast in the Fall and the beautiful beaches that so inspire everything from a romance novel to a suspense thriller.

 My inspiration for writing more often than not, comes from the things I see when walking or surfing the Net for beautiful places to see. Castles and brick walk-ways, Forests and Wildlife, rain and the setting of a cabin on the lake are all calls for me to write. Oh, how I do love nature and all that it offers to the naked eye. These things, and the love of taking what is in my mind and making it a story, are the passions that burn within me. A romantic at heart, I feel every word that I write and endeavor to create story-lines that transfer those burning embers to you, the reader.

 Did I win the lottery this morning? Nope... but I was given an inspiration to write and write I did. You will find the very same inspiration and passion in every novel you read of mine. The appreciation for support in my writing is given in ways that words simply will not convey. Good morning and happy reading.


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