Thursday, February 4, 2010

What is success and how do you know you found it????

How do you measure success? The definitions all point towards the achievement of a goal that one has set for themselves. They also mention becoming famous and/or rich, though I think that one may indeed go hand in hand today. I read and then re-read the definitions and try to find myself inside of it. The truth is... I am not sure that becoming rich nor famous is the ultimate height of being successful. I sometimes believe that success is being where you wanted to be right when you were there.
I have been called a success by some and yet I still fail to see that in myself. Having published novels and a CD produced with my own songs on it Should really spell out success. I am sure that it would and does for some people. For me, if it does not come with your name being in homes at the dinner table or recognized for your Achievements, then is it really success? Doesn't the word scream out for more than "accomplishments?"
I look at my life and think about all the places I have been and all that I have done. I managed to grow up without harming anyone physically. I made a lot of friends along the way and am remembered by many of them, some years after I myself had forgotten their names. I served my country in the Air force and married a beautiful woman. We waltzed through this world, adversaries and all, hand in hand and raised two beautiful daughters. We battled a disease that tried hard to take our freedom and our happiness away, but we won that battle. I served the Lord faithfully for many years and hopefully planted seeds in the hearts of some young people.
Sometimes, to see success, I look towards my father. I see all his children rally around him and seek his advice when life slaps them in the face. I watch his grand children look up at him with love and respect and think to myself... this is a measure of success. Though wealth was never his or my mothers, they have waltzed through this world together for almost 60 years. They still hold each others hand and their love for one another is without question. I wonder if perhaps success is something other than fame and money. It may be that the word truly means being remembered only because you are you.
If I sit and think about myself, perhaps I have seen success at times in my life and was so busy looking for the pay check that I missed it. It is said that history is destined to repeat itself and I wonder in my mind if I might be doing that. Am I so busy reaching for the fame and money side that I am missing the success that lies in front of me. I Have published novels and I Have produced a CD that will live on forever. I do have beautiful people in my life and have been blessed more than any man deserved to be. If all of this is true, then why do I still seek what I already have? What event or happening will it take before I am content to simply live my life out?
Abstract thoughts perhaps, but thoughts that bring out the question.. What is the true meaning of success? What personifies the word and how do we know that we have achieved it? Just rambling thoughts of a man that is caught in a world that is often to fast and too harsh for me to settle in my heart. "Being where I want to be when I am there." Hmmmmmm????

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