Saturday, March 7, 2009

When White meets Black... Chapter 2

Ryan had little choice but to sit and listen to her. She had caused the car to come to a halt and the sound of the doors locking said it all. He sat looking at Jessica...through her more than at her.She turned towards him and he felt himself push back towards his own door. Her face became a sad look.
"Why do you recoil from me as if I am your enemy? If I had meant you harm, it would have already been finished. I need your help, but before I can ask that of you, I must explain myself."
"You? You need my help!? Well we can be sure it isn't with fixing or stopping a car engine. What can I do that you can't?!"
"If you will listen to me, perhaps you will have the answer you seek. I am an empathic. I feel what others feel, sometimes more severe than they do. I am also what is known as an Astral Projector. I can remove myself from my physical body and travel to other places."
"Do you feel things here? Can you feel the rain or if I touched you, would you feel it?"
"Yes, this body can feel things as can my physical body. I feel them differently yes but I do feel them. My body is wet from the rain as would be yours but I do not FEEL the wetness on my skin like you do nor do I feel the coldness. We are not so different than you except that We move freely, without restrictions."
"Yea, I did a thesis on this in college. A man named Robert Monroe wrote a lot about it and I learned some things from his writing. I used his procedure once to try it. Maybe that is why I am not shocked at what you are telling me. At least you aren't a ghost or something, trying to haunt me."
"Perhaps that is the reason my soul was drawn to you, Ryan. You know this is real. I do need to tell you why I am here. I do not know how much time I have." The locks on the doors suddenly released. "I don't think you are going anywhere. Would you prefer to drive as we talk now?"
"We are fine right here. My meeting will wait. I am in no hurry to have my butt reamed anyways."
Jessica's smile broadened and Ryan thought how very beautiful she really was.
"Thank you for that Ryan... you are quite the looker yourself."
Ryan smiled at her and combed back his hair with his fingers. Truly, he was a nice looking man. At six foot three, his blondish hair and baby blue eyes were a perfect match. Working out at the company Gym kept his body well toned, though not overly done. He settled back to listen to Jessica's story.
"I am Jessica Langley and I am 27 years old. Two years ago I met and fell madly in love with a man. He was everything I dreamed of and more. He had a career established and owned his own home and two vehicles. Every woman's dream right?"
"Damn, I guess that leaves me out of a lot of women's dreams huh?"
"You are fine just as you are, Ryan. You have no worries. Joshua was as I said, everything a woman could ask for. He had only one little flaw. his favorite past time was beating up ladies. He wasn't particular really but enjoyed mostly the "home" entertainment. That would be Me! I endured it for two years and can't even give you a good reason why. Two weeks ago I told him I was leaving. He of course tried to convince me to change my mind. His convincing landed me in the hospital with a broken jaw and bruises from one end of my body to the other."
"I am so sorry that he did that to you. I would..."
"It doesn't matter right now. What matters is that he has taken me from the hospital. I am in a room in an old motel right now."
"I can just call the police and tell them where you are then. We can save you if you tell me where you are."
"No, you must listen to me. Joshua can do the very things I can do. He may even be able to find me here. I don't know the extent of his projections. Some are stronger than others. If he suspects that someone is coming to save me, he will simply kill me."
"Why does he want you dead? He doesn't want you to testify against him, right."
"I wish it were something that simply. A week ago I projected to where he was. I found him in a warehouse filled with cages. Inside the cages were... God I couldn't believe my own eyes."
"What did you see, Jessica!?"
"Ryan, he had young girls and boys inside the cages. He sells them to people for slaves and God knows what else. I can't even think about it. There were two girls, maybe fifteen years old that wer crying. Joshua walked to the cage and pushed a button on the side-rail. The girls jumped around screaming and I knew then that he was shocking them."
Her tears began and Ryan reached out to hug her. His arms went through her and he hit his head and mouth on the window behind her. His body went ice cold the instant he passed through her. He could taste the blood as it trickled from his lips. Sucking on them and rubbing his now bruised forehead, he sat back quickly.
"Damn, that was just plain stupid! Crap!"
"I am so sorry for that, Ryan. Normally you could have felt me but I am weak and so my projection is weak also. Please forgive me." She cried harder now
"It's alright, Jess, it really is. Can I call you Jess?"
"Of course you can."
"So he is selling children to the highest bidder. But I can send someone to that place too. Surely you must know where it is!"
"Ryan, I must finish so I can return to my body and regenerate. When I saw the girls jumping, I gasped. Because Joshua is so strong, he heard me. He tried to find me but I stayed hidden. When he took my body, he told me that if I spoke out, He would kill me and then kill all the people I had just seen. I found a list of all of his contacts and took it with me. He knows I have it and as Long as I do, he has to keep me alive. The list has names of some very big people. They would consider him better dead than alive. He has to find that list and soon."
"Tell me where they are and I will go in and get them out! Please, I want to help."
"No Ryan, he will see you and kill you for sure."
"No... we can do this Jessica!"
She stared at Ryan for a moment. "The place that he has them is Dallas. A wareh..."
As Ryan listened, suddenly Jessica began to fade more. She was almost completely invisible now and her voice was very soft. Ryan moved closer to her to hear her last words. "I will be back. So weak now. Must regenerate my self. Please know I will be back."
Ryan heard her scream out. "Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo..."
"Jessica, what's wrong!?!?! What is happening?"
"Joshua, noooooooooooooooooooo."
Those were the last words that Ryan heard from Jessica as she completely faded away. What had just happened. Ryan was sure that Joshua had somehow found her. He put the car in gear and headed for Dallas. He would find them... and then he would save Jessica.

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