Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What's in a name?

I was watching the news today and an old issue came up.The newsman was saying that charges were "pending" against a man charged with molesting a 9 year old. Something about the way it was said tore into me as it always does. This pedophiliac did something that was named wrong. The word pedophilia is absolutely wrongly used concerning creatures that prey on children. It is used in the most non-chalant way in reference to a very Not so non-chalant act.
These predators do NOT like nor do they love children, no matter what their twisted minds may tell them. While it may be fact that most pedophiles are the creation of an act that was done to them, they still are NOT lovers of children. They are sick individuals that bring more sorrow and more pain to a child than most anything else in the world.
There must surely be a name that means "hater of children" though I have searched and searched and have not found it. The only word I could find for a man that "rapes" a little girl was pedophile. The words we use seem to differ when we talk of children and when we talk of adults. When we say a name or ear-mark a certain people {I use the word people loosely}, then we need to make it say what they truly are.
I used the word Rape in my previous paragraph because that is indeed what it is. To use the word "molestation" somehow lessens the horrible act of Rape of a child. When we hear of a man that raped a woman we say "Oh my God, I hope they catch the bastard!" We label him a Rapist and toss him in prison. I say then we call the creature that "Rapes" a child a "SROC". Sexual Predator Of Children. Give them a name that when someone says it, people respond to it in a very aggressive way.
Pedophile? I say call a spade a spade and a sick person a sick person. Don't send them back out to rape another little girl or boy. Do NOT give them the chance to rape or kill another child. We are supposed to be the watchers of these innocent babies. Here! Here is a sign they can tattoo to their forheads for all the world to see. The mark of Cain! "I AM A SPOC! PLEASE DO NOT LET ME NEAR YOUR CHILDREN!"
Don't make it less than what is done to an adult! Don't give them a reason to not receive the same punishment as they would if this were an adult! The child deserves better than that. We are responsible for protecting these children and one way to do that is to lock these {Rapists} up for good.

In Loving memory of a beautiful Lady...

Diane Marie (Currie) Shaffer
Published: Tuesday, April 15, 2008 8:40 AM EDT
Diane Marie (Currie) Shaffer passed away at 2:15 a.m. Sunday, April 13, 2008, after a six-year battle with brain cancer.
Diane was born May 16, 1958 in Portage, Wisconsin. She lived most of her childhood in Hookstown, Pennsylvania.
She is survived by her husband, Allen Shaffer whom she married January 12, 1976; they have two children, Christopher Shaffer and his wife Lori, and their daughter, Carla Shaffer, all of Carmichaels, Pennsylvania. She is also survived by three grandchildren, Samantha, Logan, and Alexis.

I had a blog set to go this morning but it will wait. Often I hear people say things like "the internet is NOT reality" or "how can someone fall in love over a keyboard?" I have listen to some say "It isn't like they are someone you really know." Marriages that have escalated from online romances says differently. But mine is not a story of marriage but it is one of love and loss. Over the past 12 years, I have been blessed to have met some of the most beautiful, loving people one will ever know. The people on the "other side" of my screen have become household names. They have touched my heart and life as well as my families lives. And a Few knew everything about me and my family and My family knew them.
There was even a very select few that were blessed to share my daily walks with Sheila and comforted both Sheila and I when things seemed at their worst. I speak this morning of one of those people that blessed and shared our lives. Mydaughters have hand made Teddy bears from her. I have pictures and letters and memories that will never be erased from my soul.
NOT REAL? NOT true loving and caring? Then the tears I have shed this morning and still cry as I write this must not be real either. The sadness in the call I received at 5:30 this morning telling me of the death of one of Gods most beautiful ladies maybe wasn't real either. A woman that Sheila and I never met face to face, but she entered our home and life as if she had sat at our dinner table. We spoke each Christmas morning just like we did to our families living right next door. We laughed and cried and she called me and held me in her heart when Sheila went to heaven.Our children knew who each other were and my parents asked how she was as if she were one of their own. She was my friend, my confidante and a blessing that will never be taken from me. My father and my daughters will cry when they hear of her passing. And they will all understand my tears.
This morning I learned that Diane Marie {Currie} Shaffer went to heaven after a 7 year battle with brain cancer. She is survived by her husband Allen, her daughter Carla and her son Chris along with her mother, 2 sisters, one brother, and 3 grandchildren she loved so much. She went peacefully and knew God long before she went to heaven. She has a T-shirt that we gave her sooo many years ago that simply said "SPOOF." She wore it often and knew the words underneath SPOOF were from our hearts. Spoof meaning Special Part Of Our Family. And she is that.
This is a tribute to a special lady that blessed our lives for 11 years. To a lady that found roses amongst thorns and rainbows long before the rain stopped falling. Just a beautiful soul that touched the lives of everyone that knew her. She was a Godsend to our family and we will miss her voice on our machine saying "You know you are there, stop screening before I hurt you." God bless her and her family as she did ours.I am thankful to God for allowing US to share in this very wonderful ladies life. She will be terribly missed and forever remembered.
God bless you Diane. Say hello to My Sheila. You are loved here in this family.

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