Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Family on the Run. 4th part

"What do you think will happen to that man when we get to Omaha?"
"He tried to kill us, Diana. He will go0 to prison, I would think."
"And the truth? What is going to Happen when this King guy finds out that his son was murdered, no, Assassinated? Are we ever going to be safe again?"
He touched the tips of his fingers to Diana's cheek. "We will be fine, Love. We just need some help. And help is exactly where we are going to right now."
It was almost 7 p.m. when Allyn crossed the huge "Mormon Bridge on the very outskirts of Omaha. He drove slowly through the city, looking at everyone he passed and yet not seeing anything. He wanted only to get to Frank right now. Twice a car had pulled up next to them and Allyn could feel his heart skipping a beat. Every face was a potential enemy and every person, a suspect. Finally reaching the police station, Allyn sat motionless for a short time, wondering what or who he might find inside.
"I need for you kids to stay in the truck with the man until we find out what is going to transpire. If for any reason your mom and I do not come out with in 20 minutes or should officers come out here with out us, Tim, I need you to drive some where away from here. Find a place that looks like it might be safe for a time and wait for us. Here is some money in case you get hungry. Try and stay as hidden as possible. We Will come back to you."
Allyn and Diana walked into the police station. A burly man was standing behind the desk. He looked up and stared at Allyn and Diana as if he were sizing them up. He placed his pen down and nodded at them.
"What can I do for you two?"
"I am here to see Frank Darnell. He is a good friend of mine and we need to talk to him."
Without a word, the officer left the desk and walked down a short hall. He knocked and was told to come in. After just a few minutes, Allyn saw Frank coming out of the room with the officer. Frank reached out and shook Allyn's hand.
"I'll take it from here, Mike. Thank you." The officer nodded as Frank ushered Allyn and Diana into his office. "Tell me what brings you to Omaha, Allyn. Surely you didn't come to site see."
Allyn told Frank the entire story as Frank sat in awe of the tale unwinding before him. As Allyn talked, Frank began looking through old headlines of the local paper, where Allyn and his family had lived for many years.
"The man told you the truth, Allyn. There is a tiny story about your fire and goes on to say that 4 bodies were recovered from the fire. It shows a funeral for the four of you and then there is no mention of it after that. There is an article about the Prince returning to his homeland, but nothing more."
"We have one of the men that was sent to kill us out in his truck."
"Allyn, the word about a family running from the law has trickled down to other stations.Some of the precincts offered help and other declined. Too many holes in the story."
"What story are you talking about, Frank?"
Frank sat silent for a moment. HE took out a paper from his desk and showed it to Allyn and Diana. Diana began to cry as she looked at the paper. "They say that WE are criminals!? How... where did this story come from!?"
"Look, Diana, I know the story is bogus but at the same time, by law, I should be putting you two in a holding cell."
"God, Frank!!!! You can not be seriously thinking about arresting us!" Diana's voice began to get louder. "Look at us, Damn you! Look at these gashes and cuts all over us! Do we look like we killed someone!?"
Allyn was re-reading the paper. {the couple and their two teen aged kids are wanted for questioning in the deaths of John Seals and Christina Lockart. Seals appeared to be stabbed in the throat with what forensics believes to have been a shovel of sorts. Lockart was shot 3 times, once in the head and twice in the back. Both were found in the basement of the Bowing families burned house. Unsure of the connection between the two bodies. The female was wearing a ring inscribed to a Timothy Bowes, the son of Allyn and Diana Bowes. Police are liking the son for the murder of the girl. Possible link is the man was involved with Bowes' girlfriend, Christina and in a jealous rage, Bowes killed them both. Please advise if any of this family are apprehended and expedite them to the Coshocton County. All are to be assumed armed and dangerous.}
"This is bull and you know it, Frank! Why weren't we arrested as soon as we walked in!?"
"Because I told my men that I know you and to let me deal with you, Allyn."
"So now what, Frank? Are you going to arrest us? We came here hoping that at least You would listen and trust us. Now here we sit, wondering if we made a huge mistake in coming here at all."
Just then, the door opened. Tim and Sherry stood in the doorway, both in handcuffs. Sherry ran to her mom and started sobbing. "What is going on here, Mom? They arrested Tim and I and the guy we had tied up is telling the cops we Kidnapped him, for God's sake!!!!!"
"We just need to give Frank time to figure all of this out, right Frank?"
Frank stared at them for a moment. "What I am going to do is for your own safety. I can not keep you safe outside of this jail. I am going to put you in a cell until I can contact the right people."
"You are going to arrest us??? Damn you Frank, I trusted you!!! You can not do this too us!! We didn't kill anyone and you damn well know it!!!"
Frank motioned to two men standing in the doorway. They came inside the room and hand-cuffed Diana and Allyn.
"It's for your own good, Allyn. At least I can watch you here now."
The officers led the four of them away. Frank sat down and dialed a number from his Rolodex. "Coshocton County Sheriff? Yea Stan, I have that family you were looking for. When do you want me to send them your way?"

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