Saturday, June 28, 2008

Things I know about Seasons...

Seasons are defined as time changes in the earths temperatures, generated by a tilt of the earths axis.As I have thought about this over the years, I see a direct parallel to seasons of our lives. Things that happen, people we meet and events that change our own personal world.
Throughout my life, I have watched people enter and stay and sometimes leave my life. Some have come to stay and may be with me until my own season of time is finished here on earth. Very often, people were placed in my life, I believe by God, that were to be with me until a certain lesson were learned. At times, they shared my life until they themselves found answers to their own questions. I have not always known the reasons why someone was brought into my world or why I was brought into theirs. I do know that everything we do, every person we meet, every love we share has it's season.
Our lives are truly one journey through out the seasons. We begin in the spring, new life coming forth into the world. Much like the true spring, we may bring beauty and warmth to the world around us. We may be as flowers or trees that fill in a place in a vast forest of humans. We may also be the "weeds" that come forth and cause the hurt and pain and ugliness we see in the world at times. At any rate we begin our seasons there, in the spring of our lives. As we grow, we may see storms or patches of cold left over from a winter before us. Things that happened before we ever were that effect our lives. Our families medical history or some "skeleton" that hides in our families closet.
As we grow and learn, new events and new people come into our lives. Some are there because of the roads we choose to walk on. Others come to us because someone bigger than you or I knew we would need them in our lives, even if only for a season. How we learn from or do NOT learn from these people and happenings forms the next season of our life. That "Tilt on our axis or the warmth of the sun shining closer to us at times in our lives.I think back to my brothers hand being placed on my shoulder, me to become his eyes at such a young age. I was his eyes and he was my teacher... for a season. A preparing and nurturing of my character that would bring to me compassion and patience I would need for another season in my life. The Summer of my life, learning to give of myself and to find the good in things presented to me. Not to be bitter or resentful as I could have turned. A time of growth that would bring with it life and love and smiles and sorrows. Laughter enough to carry me through to the next season of my life. Sadness to teach me to know the hearts of those that felt the sting and pain of loss or heart break. thinking now of My Sheila, the love we shared and the pain and sadness we sometimes endured so that we could see the next season of our lives. The compassion and love and patience taught me by helping my brother and working with disabled that I had know way of knowing would be needed when I fell in love with My Angel. We would walk through our life as it were in the summer. Sometimes simply enjoying the warmth of the sun, the lake and its beauty and the joy that summer brings to every one that vacations, is out of school for the summer or simply loves NOT being cold. Yet other times of the same season, being burned by the sheer heat of the season, not covering ourselves enough with protective lotions, leaving our skin and our heart open to burns and pain.Watching as the heat of things in our lives tried so hard to scorch and burn away the love from our life. Trying to take away the beauty of the flowers that were our spring. Finding that we, together could comfort one another and bathe each other in loves soothing ointments of caring and compassion. Learning that the burns and the pain healed over in time if we were patient and cleansed the wounds faithfully.
And then came Autumn. A season when the days are shorter and softer. A time when the heat is not so searing and the nights give way to a cool that allows us to sleep sweeter. A time that often brings with it a cold wind that bites at us when it finds us unprepared for its sting. Still dressing casually, exposing our arms and legs to the elements surrounding us. We think we won't be caught the same way the next year and yet it happens again. We prepare for the change in season and still... it nips at our ears and fingertips. This season of my life, a season I swore for 24 years I was prepared for, bit me. Never believing for a moment that my summer would end, knowing she would always be beside me, My world Tilted on it's axis. Catching me still walking hand in hand in the summer of love, I foolishly looked away for a moment and my summer was gone. the warmth of the sun replaced by the cool of aloneness. An emptiness that left me exposed to all I thought I had prepared for. My Autumn clothes still sitting, waiting to replace my summer wear, not yet placed in my dresser. In the blink of an eye, summer was gone and Fall was here.
But with the "Fall" season came the thing that it was originally known by. Harvest season. A time to gather and reap all that had been mine and hers. To sit back and remember the beauty of our spring. A place to recall the warmth of our summers love. To look at the two daughters she and I created together and smile. Now a time to see new people and new lives brought into mine. Lives that I learned from life, might only be with me for a season. A time, long enough for them to find something lost or to show me something I thought gone with my summer. Perhaps not four seasons again, but a springtime of awakening. Seeing new beauty and remembering the past beauties in my life. The blessings that would sustain me through the impending winter. To bring in from the fields of experience, things I will need to live through another winter. Another time of bundling up and finding ways to stay warm and combat the harshness that is winter. The knowing that there Will be another spring. There will be a summer of smiles and laughter as I watch my grandchildren play and grow. A springtime that will bring me home, full circle to My Love and heaven.
To everything there is a season... I do not know what the season hold in store for me. Neither do any of you. But I do know that people are brought into our lives for a reason and a season. Sometimes we get all four seasons with them and sometimes... they are only here until we learn something of ourselves or they learn something of themselves. No matter how long or short the awakening, enjoy it to its fullest, share all you are able too and do not try and take the seasons too fast. You may miss the very reasoned it rained or the sun shined. Even the snow has it's purpose.
God bless you All... Darrel

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