Saturday, May 9, 2009

What Makes You Scream. Pt.2

Margo was beginning to settle in to the outdoors a little. She enjoyed the fresh air but still preferred the sounds of the city to the silence that enveloped them in the forest.
"Quiet?! What do you mean by quiet? You have to tune in your ears, your senses to be able to notice the sounds out here, Margo. There is running water and birds and animals moving through the trees. Mother nature is alive and well for us."
"It isn't Mother Nature I am worried about, James. It's the "animals moving" thing that bothers me."
"It is Friday so we will start seeing campers soon. That's why I wanted to get here first, so we didn't lose the best spot."
James put his arm around her waist and walked with her to the edge of a small cliff. There was a waterfall cascading down the other side of the ravine. A rainbow formed at the waters edge where the sun shined down on it. The trees moved slowly in the breeze and a deer walked down to the waters edge to drink.
"Look at all of this beauty, sweetheart. Tell me where else you are going to find this scene."
"That my dear James, is why we have the Discovery Channel," she answered with a smile.
There was a sound behind them that made them both turn. The snap was loud and came from the heavily wooded area just beyond their camp-site. They both stared in the direction of the sound. Nothing moved.
"What the hell was that??!"
"It was probably just a deer walking past us. You need to relax, Love."
"Then why didn't I see any trees moving?" There was another loud snap, this time behind them, near where they had stood moments before. "Another deer walking past us?"
"Well, he is making his way around us, probably trying his best not to be seen."
"He is doing very well, then. James, are you sure other people are going to be here? I think I would feel better if there were actually other people with us."
"They will come and then you will wish we had more time alone. Just relax and enjoy."
Margo decided she had denied her body long enough. She walked to where James had set up the makeshift bathroom. She finished and began walking back towards the camp. There was a sound beside her. The bushes moved a little and she stopped to see if a deer would actually walk past her. As she watched and listened, she heard a sound. She wanted to run or scream but found herself frozen with curiosity and fear. She could hear a sound coming from the trees. At first she thought it was the wind blowing through the leaves. As she leaned in to listen closer, her heart skipped a beat. The sound of in taking and exhaling of air was unmistakable. The bushes stopped moving as if something had reached out and steadied them. A low growl came from the bushes. She swore she could hear the sound of low laughter coming from the bushes. Margo began to step backwards and tripped over a branch. Falling to the ground, she tried to crawl away. Again, she felt the same touch she had earlier thought was a bug brush her heal. She screamed, stood up and began to run. She had only run a short distance when she ran into James' arms. He had heard her scream.
"I want to go home James! I hate it out here!"
"What happened back there?! What made you scream like that?!"
"Deer do NOT laugh! They do Not touch you, James! Not the deer I know!" She told him what she had seen and heard. She didn't want to hear his explanation... she wanted to leave.
"Margo, it could have been anything back there. You have scared yourself so badly that everything appears bad now."
"It wasn't anything, James! It was.. it was like human or something! I am sorry but I want to go home!"
"Alright darling, what about this? If we don't see anyone showing up in the next hour or so, we will leave. We can go to a place less remote if you like. In an hour, we will still have plenty of light to drive out of here."
"One hour, James. One freaking hour and then I will drive that truck out of here, with or without you! I swear I will! I am putting some of my stuff back in the truck so we can go when the hour is up! If someone shows up, I will unload it."
He knew there was no talking her out of anything right now. He nodded and began to gather her things together. They walked together to the truck. As she was loading her things she heard James swear.
"What is wrong now?"
"A flat. A flat tire on this side. I am going to have to change it now."
As he spoke, a chill ran down Margo's spine. She felt sick to her stomach as she stared at the truck.
"James" she said in almost a whisper. "James, come here please."
He walked around to her side of the truck. He stared down at the place she was looking. The front of the truck sat low to the ground. The tire matched the flat on the back of the truck. The trees moved behind them. This time James also turned in a start. There was an odor coming from the trees. It smelled like dirty laundry. James could feel himself becoming nervous now. The smell was gone as quickly as it had come. The trees closer to the campsite moved and then stopped.
"That was not a freaking deer, James. We are leaving now!"
"With two flat tires, Margo?! How would you like us to do that?!"
"I don't care. Drive on them until we are out of this place. You can fix them when we get out of here. Please James, just get us out of here." Her tears made him even more nervous.
"Alright, let me go get the rest of the stuff. You get in and lock the doors. It will only take me a minute."
"Just leave it! Some other camper can have it!"
"Five hundred dollars worth of equipment?! You want me to just leave it here?!" James hated himself for raising his voice to Margo. It was just something he never did. She cried harder now. "Five minutes, Love, that's it."
As he walked towards the camp, Margo watched him disappear into the stand of trees. She heard a sound from the behind the truck. A knock on her window sent her into a screaming frenzy. James heard her screaming and ran back towards her. The truck shook from side to side as Margo tried to get out the drivers side door. Pushing buttons, she heard the door-locks go up. Her heart pounded as she tried to lock them again. As she heard her door opening, she screamed one last time and then everything went dark for her.

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