Friday, May 15, 2009

What Makes You Scream... Final Part.

The trees seemed to go on forever. James carried Margo for as long as he could before needing to stop and rest. he checked her stomach and saw the bleeding had lessened. He wasn't sure if it was because it had closed or if she was bleeding to death. Margo opened her eyes.
"We aren't going to make it, Love. I am so sorry."
"Sorry? This is not your fault, baby, and we ARE going to make it. We just have to find a safe place until the Sheriff finds us. Just stay with me, please."
"I am trying, James. I don't want to die." Her tears flowed and James kissed them.
"I won't let you die... I promise." James heard the sound of a truck coming towards them. He laid flat on the ground and covered Margo's body with his. He watched through the trees to see who it was. He prayed it was the Sheriff.
"I can not wait to get you in my hands! I am going to take you way-y-y-y-y-y back in the woods so no one hears you screaming for the hours and hours I am going to torture you! It is going to be so fun! You won't have my baby brother to help you either. I had to kill him because of you! Do you hear me out there??!!! I know you can hear me! Someone is bleeding real bad. Too bad i won't be able to torture you both!"
James laid motionless on the ground. Terrified that Cleedace would find them, he held tight to Margo. He had to find a way to get to safety. He simply didn't know how. He heard a door slam shut. His heart raced at the thought of Cleedace now outside the truck. He could hear the branches snapping to the side of where he laid. The snapping was ow in front of him and getting further away. He had walked passed them. It would not be long before he would back-track. James had to do something. He slid off of Margo and was going to move her. He felt her body. It seemed cold. Too cold for his body to have been laying on her. Panicking, James felt her wrist for a pulse. He could feel nothing. He felt her neck and got the same thing. His whole body sagged into the ground as he pulled her to him. He tried to get her to move but she stayed motionless.
"Baby... please, wake up baby, please," he whispered into her ear. There was no response. Tears began to flow from his eyes as he hugged her lifeless body to his. "No-o-o-o-o-o! No baby, don't leave me like this. God, help me!"
The snap was loud and directly behind James. He laid Margo's body down gently and then turned to face Cleedace.
"Dang, I was hoping she and I would become good friends. Shame to lose such a pretty thing. Guess it won't be as much fun with out her, huh? But then, you won't be far behind her."
Cleedace reached down and grabbed James by his shirt collar. He tossed him into a tree. James felt the impact on his back and slid to the ground. As he watched Cleedace poking Margo's body with a stick, something exploded inside of him. As Cleedace turned towards James, James grabbed a long branch laying at his feet. With all the energy he could find, he stood and waited for Cleedace to get closer. Not expecting any resistance, Cleedace walked right up to James. Suddenly, James lift the branch in the air and brought it down on Cleedace's neck. Taken by surprise, Cleedace was knocked to his knees. James rushed forward and struck him again, hard in the face. The branch hit with such force, it broke in half.
"You killed my wife! You took the only thing I loved away from me. You are going to die!" he lifted the branch again as Cleedace was trying to stand. Blood covered his face and he was trying to wipe it from his eyes as the branch hit him again. "You won't ever kill again!"
Cleedace laid motionless on the ground. James went over to Margo's body. He held her in his arms, rocking her body as he cried hard. He didn't hear the movement behind him. He didn't see the gun raised and aimed at his head. He only heard the sound of the gun being fired. He closed his eyes and waited for the impact of the bullet. He would die with his Margo in his arms.
"I love you forever, baby. I will see you in heaven," he whispered.
The impact never came. James heard the sound of Cleedace's body hitting the ground. He turned to look into the face of a Sheriff and his deputy. Cleedace laid dead beside them.
"Sir... are you alright? It is alright now, he is dead. Is there anyone else?"
James tried to focus on the sheriff's words. "He killed my wife! He killed her and I couldn't save her."
"Is there anyone else out here, Sir?"
"No, no one else. The ranger is dead.His brother killed him for helping us. There is no one else."
The deputy walked over to Margo's body. He felt for a pulse and then laid his head on her chest. He felt her neck. "Sir, this woman is still alive. She hasn't got long to live. We need to get her out of here now!"
James could not believe the words he was hearing. Margo was still alive. The sheriff called in a helicopter to transport Margo to a nearby Hospital. James had to ride in with the Sheriff while the deputy called in help to take Cleedace and Bobby's bodies in. James told everything to the Sheriff and explained that the ranger had saved their lives. He was a hero. He told him of the camping gear stash too.
At the hospital that night, James sat silently beside Margo. The doctors said she would be fine after a few days in the hospital recovering. She had needed a lot of blood and stitches but otherwise, she was going to be fine. He felt her hand move slowly across his. She tried to talk but was very weak.
"Shhhh, don't talk Love. I thought I lost you out there. I wouldn't have cared if that maniac killed me if I lost you. I love you so much."
She smiled soft. "I love you too" she said in a whisper. "James..."
"What baby? What can I do for you."
"No camping for a while, please." She smiled at him.
James smiled big back at her. He leaned down and kissed her softly. "No My Love... No camping for a while. I promise..."

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