Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What Makes You Scream... part 5

Cleedace watched James as they drove through the forests. The smell in the truck was terrible and James rolled his window down.
"What are you doing, Boy?"
"I am just rolling the window down so I can call out to Margo. You want to find her, don't you?"
James knew that if they did find Margo that Cleedace would be even harder to keep at bay. He hoped she had gotten far enough away not to be found.
Margo felt the branches striking her face as she ran. The blood ran down her face and she wiped it away without slowing down. She knew she had to find help soon. The men that had James would kill him without hesitation. Tears mingled with the blood and she tried to stop the crying. She could see the road from the trees and stayed just out of site without being seen. She had seen nobody and fear gripped her. She stopped to rest for a moment using her top to wipe the blood from her face and eyes. The stinging from blood and sweat in her eyes made it hard to see. As she sat, trying to breath normal, Margo heard a sound coming from the road below her. She tilted her head towards the sound.
"A truck! Oh my God, it sounds like a truck coming" she said aloud. She ran down towards the road to see if she could see anything. She could hear a voice calling out her name. "James" she whispered. "Why are you calling me, Love? Do I come to you or keep running?"
The truck rounded a bend in the road and Margo could see inside. Her heart felt heavy and her breathing increased as she looked through the windshield of the truck. There sat the Ranger and his brother. James was in the back of the truck, calling out to her. She could see a rope around his neck. It went from his neck, through a small window between the cab and the bed of the truck. She slid herself back into the trees and laid flat on the ground. She was certain they were forcing James to call for her. She watched as the truck neared where she was hiding.
"Stop!" she heard James call out. The brother slammed on the brakes and pulled the truck off the road. He turned to look at James.
"What the hell do you want?! Did you see her!?"
"No, I need to go to the bathroom."
The face on Cleedace turned to anger again. He jumped out of the truck and grabbed James. The rope tightened around his neck as James struggled not to be pulled over the side of the truck. "You call out like that to pee!? I should let you choke to death for that!"
"Please, I can't wait now." James' voice was gravely from the rope squeezing his throat. "I only need a minute!"
"You can do it right in the truck! Get it over with before i just shoot you!"
Watching from the trees, tears filled Margo's eyes again. She could not bare to see her husband like this. She began to stand up to show herself. It was better to die with James than to watch him suffer this way. Suddenly, she saw the ranger get out of the truck. He looked directly at her and she was certain he would tell his brother. Panic set in again and she gripped the ground, digging her nails into the soil. The ranger walked towards her and then stopped. He turned and looked at Cleedace and James.
"Cleedace, he won't be any good to us if you kill him now. Let him breath and pee and we can get out of here. I am going to go myself."
As Margo began to stand she saw the ranger look at her. He shook his head as if to tell her no. Confusion took over for her and she wondered why he was doing this. She saw him writing on a note pad he had in his shirt pocket. When he had finished, he dropped the note pad and looked down at where it was laying. He nodded at Margo and then turned back to the truck. He pointed behind him at the note pad once more as if he wanted to be sure she saw it. Looking back at her, he saw her shake her head yes.
"We need too get going, Cleedace. We need to find that wench before it turns dark. Load up!"
Cleedace released his grip on James and got in the truck. Bobby walked around the back of the truck. He stopped where James was now kneeling and leaned in towards James. He talked low and tried not to move his lips to much.
"She is in the trees right beside us. Do Not look at her. I left her a note. She will read it when we leave. She is going to be fine. Just keep doing what you are doing."
James wanted more than anything to look up at where she was. He knew he dared not until they were moving again. Bobby reached out and slapped James hard in the face and then got into the truck.
"Alright, let's go!"
As they pulled away, James looked into the trees. He saw Margo, staring at him and crying. He placed his arms across his chest to say I love you to her. Tears filled his eyes as she blew a kiss to him. In a moment, they were past her and James' heart broke. Leaving her alone this way was the hardest thing he had ever done. He knew it was her only chance to live.
When the truck was out of sight, Margo ran to the road. She picked up the notepad and opened it. A note was inside the first page.
"You are 3 miles from a cabin in the forest. Stay going straight along the road and you will find it. There is a phone inside. Call the Sheriff's Office and tell him where you are. Call the rangers station and tell them what is happening. You will be safe there until someone shows up."
Margo read the letter and cried. She folded it up and went back into the forest. darkness would be on her before she reached the cabin. She began to run as fast as she could. She did not want to be out in the dark more than she had to be. Why the ranger was helping her, she had no clue. All that mattered was that he was. Margo ran and ran and ran.

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