Friday, March 14, 2008

A site that might be for you... TSEAN

There is a new site in town and it might be just what you are looking for. TSEAN {The Self Esteem Advisory Network}, created by Lisa and Liz is a site made to reach out to people seeking answers to various questions. They offer proffessional as well as personal advice to those trying to find substance and perhaps validation of where they are at in their lives. Emotional Freedom Techniques -- EFT, Migraines, On Being Bipolar and Postpartum Depression & Anxiety are just a few of the catagories that they have open for questions and answers.
Self-esteem, or perhaps I should say the lack of self-esteem is a huge issue today. It is the basis of good health and of bad health as well. Stop in and have a look around. See what they have to offer. I think I might be the place To be one day.


Magdalen Islands said...

Actually I was looking for the site, Darrel, the other day. But I ended up somewhere else and got distracted, LOL!!!

Lisa Di Clemente said...

Hey Darrel, thanks for talking us up!


tsean said...

Darrel -- I agree with Lisa, thanks for the boost! Much appreciated -- Liz

Darrel said...

you are so welcome. I think it is well worth the write. This is a place that People will come too to get help and share their thioughts. Thank you for creating it... Always, Darrel

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