Thursday, March 12, 2009

When White meets Black... Chapter 6

Ryan pulled himself from the ground. He looked around for Mark and found him trying to sneak up on Joshua. As soon as Ryan's eyes fixed on Mark, Joshua turned to look behind himself. The anger in his eyes was so evident as he lashed out and grabbed Mark by his hair.
"What did you think you were going to do? You are a waste as a Projector and worse as a human.I don't have time for you!!" Joshua tossed Mark over the car and then returned to Jess. "What a shame to waste such a beautiful creature. I would have found a way to keep you alive if you hadn't gone all perfect on me! now, you will simply be a nothing to me. Once I weaken your soul here, then I will kill you quickly."
Ryan slipped behind the car where Mark had landed. He grabbed him and pulled him closer to the car, where Joshua would not see them.
"Mark, listen to me. We have to be very close to the Corn Mill. You need to find it and get those girls out of there. I will handle Joshua for now. Once they are free, hide them. Then come back to me as quick as you can. I think i understand what Jess meant about networking."
"What if you can't handle Joshua?"
"Just go and get those girls to safety. Hurry."
Mark waited until he felt he was out of Joshua's site and then ran. He went from warehouse to warehouse searching for the Mill. He wanted to project but knew that he would then be visible to Joshua. He made it past nearly all of the warehouses and finally saw the Mill. He slipped inside and found the girls, all quiet and frightened. When they saw Mark, they pressed themselves against each other and moved to the back of the cages.
"No, I am not here to hurt you, Ladies. I am a friend that is here to save you. Where does Joshua keep the keys?"
One of the girls slowly moved forward. She pointed towards a door across the room. Mark raced over to it and tried to open the door. It was locked.
Ryan crawled around the car until he was almost at Joshua's feet. As he began to stand, Joshua turned towards him.
"Where is that little termite that was with you!? Did I kill him with one toss?"
"You aren't that good Joshua! The best you can do is kill a woman that was nearly dead anyways? I guess maybe without her you are going to be just you! Maybe I will just wait a moment and then Kill you myself."
Joshua released his hold on Jess. Her projection fell to the ground, limp. Ryan didn't dare take his eyes off of Joshua. He knew he was still very strong. He heard a voice in his mind. He could hear the faint voice of Jess calling to him. Joshua stood still as Ryan tried to hear Jess.
"He is regaining strength Ryan. He won't need to rest long to be at full power again. Listen quickly. You have projected before. You can do it again. Fall to the ground and let yourself go. I will enter your body and together we can defeat him. He won't ever be expecting this. Do it now or we will both die."
"I was going to use Mark, Jess!"
"NO time to wait! Do it now!"
Ryan threw himself to the ground. Confusion became Joshua's look. He watched as Jess moved to Ryan's body. Suddenly Ryan realized he was "floating" above his body. He watched as his body stood up again. It wasn't until that moment that he realized what Jess was doing.
"I couldn't do this with you inside Ryan. It was too risky for your mind. I will leave as soon as I am finished." She turned towards Joshua. "You should have killed me when you could have! The girls are free and hiding now. They are safe."
Joshua began to look around him as she spoke. Fear now took over his face. "Ah, ah Joshua, don't look around. You are weak enough. You need to look at me!"
She spoke to Mark as he was far enough away that Joshua could not hear them. "Across the hall is another room. Kick the door in and you will find what we need to destroy Joshua. You kicked the other door in to free the girls. Do it again! Do it now Mark!"
Suddenly Joshua shoved Ryan's body to the ground. He caused rocks and branches to strike it over and over, though Jess was able to deflect some of them away. She reached out with Ryan's body and sent Astral electricity into Joshua. He winced and screamed out as each one hit him. Jess could feel him fighting back. She saw Ryan's projection fading and knew her time was short. She didn't know if she could defeat him before losing Ryan.
"It is o.k. Jess... just kill him! Don't worry about me! I got to feel your love and that is enough for me."
Joshua could feel Jess weakening, He had only to wait a little longer and then, he would have them all. Ryan's body went down on one knee. Jess began to cry. "Hurry Mark!" she cried out. "We have no more time.............."


Unknown said...

Does it have to end here. :0(
Give me more.

Darrel said...

Nope tomorrow it will end though. thank you so much for reading this... Hugssssssss D

Anonymous said...

Okay this is enough now. I need to know the ending. I've been in suspense for days and you know me well enough to know I can't take that. Finish this one and then start on a book with short stories so I can buy one.

Linda H

Anonymous said...

well that was great for the next part but where is the rest best story so far

Faye said...

GREAT STORY!!!! I really got into it.

Darrel said...

Thank you all for reading this story. I promise it will be finished tomorrow, NO MORE DELAYS...

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